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Our FinLabs provide an immersive experience where you can accelerate your innovation strategy.​

Our self-funded innovation spaces are places to conceive, consider and collaboratively create new solutions to support evolving business needs.

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We provide the tools, the strategies and the dedicated experts to help you craft innovations that best suit your business’ use cases, and your imagination.


We provide a secure cloud-hosted sandbox environment to enable experimentation and testing with new products, data and data science-led methodologies. Our sandbox can be custom-built for a set of use cases, and access to industry participants and FinTech partnerships, as well as a variety of ecosystem players.


Considering the depth and scope of a business system, process, method, application or device? We can help advance your idea or project through the creation of a working prototype. Let’s co-develop a Proof of Concept and test out your ideas.

MVP Creation

Minimum Viable Products typically start with an idea and a vision for a variety of ‘What if…’ scenarios. Synechron’s experts can help build and test your future vision through creation of an MVP.

Open-source Initiatives

We have partnered with several industry pioneers to innovate Blockchain tools that include build-your-own Quorum network nodes, a DLT transactions Tracking and Monitoring Tool, a Corda Monitoring application to fetch key admin info, and creating libraries for integrating local and remote clients/nodes on the Ethereum network.

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Our Accelerator Programs

Synechron’s Accelerator Programs begin with a spark of an idea for how to tackle industry challenges. They showcase the possibility of emerging digital technologies. From concept to creation, we evolve them into innovative business solutions.

PayTech Accelerators

Five innovative tools designed to add critical functionality, expand revenue opportunities, and increase the efficiencies of banks as they better navigate the new and future, emerging landscape.

  • PayEasy Pay Later
  • ISO 20022 Simulator
  • Black Swan Fraud Prevention
  • Liquify Treasurers Portal
  • Payments Data Platform

InvestTech Accelerators

Through the intersection of design, high-end engineering and data, InvestTech empowers the industry with first-class solutions built in a first-class way for the ultimate client experience.

  • ESG Booster
  • 360+
  • VisualRE
  • WillPower
  • Digital Compliance

Digital Ecosystems Accelerators

Critically-necessary and digitally-forward IT architectures that empower banks and insurance companies to be fully aligned with multiple, often siloed, operating business divisions/units, foster deeper revenue-generating customer relationships, and engage clients.

  • Digital Home Ownership
  • Sustainable Finance Investments
  • Treasury-as-a-Service Open Banking Accelerator
  • Margin Call Automation Network on Symphony
  • Smart Desktop Interoperability on OpenFin
  • Payments Data Platform

Wealth Tech Accelerators

Applied technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) provide flexible solutions that bring customer impact, increase relationship managers’ productivity, and improve compliance while reducing cost.

  • Client Prospecting
  • Client Onboarding
  • Efficient Suitability
  • Asset Tokenization Part 1
  • Asset Tokenization Part 2
  • Smart Statements
  • VR Wealth Journey
  • Relationship Management Dashboard

AI Data Science Accelerators

Offers financial services and insurance firms powerful platforms for advanced statistical analysis of structured and unstructured data, including a causation and correlation platform, applications for automated research generation, and investment management recommendations.

  • Visual Research
  • Informed Investing
  • Credit Risk
  • Customer Complaints Management
  • LIBOR Impact Analysis

RegTech Accelerators

Brings together deep techno-functional expertise in both Risk and Regulation to empower global financial institutions – not just to address compliance but to gain real business value and control while facing continued regulatory and cost pressures.

  • KYC Remediation
  • Capital Walk Forward
  • Intelligent Controls Testing
  • Accounting Standard Normalizer
  • Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB)
  • Information Governance & Records Management

InsurTech Accelerators

A set of innovative business models and platforms that utilize technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to solve the top challenges facing the industry today.

  • Blockchain
  • Cognitive Machine Learning
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Mobile Applications
  • Customer Experience Design
  • The Internet of Things (IoT)

AI Automation Accelerators

Allows financial institutions to deploy cutting-edge AI solutions that solve complex business challenges using Natural Language Processing (NLP), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Cognitive Machine Learning, Data Science, and more.

  • Natural Language Processing and Generation
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Cognitive Machine Learning
  • Data Science
  • Chatbots
  • Robo-Advisor

Blockchain Accelerators

Accelerate both integration and deployment of blockchain with process frameworks, working applications and code. These demonstrate how blockchain can solve real-world operational problems.

  • Mortgage Lending
  • Smart Margin Calls
  • Insurance
  • Global Payments
  • KYC

Synechron has always looked beyond the 'what now' to consider the 'what if' and the tangible benefits that innovation can bring. Our goal is to pave the way for a better future. Our self-funded and continuous R&D investments in our FinLabs allow us to consider new digital innovations and tools that inspire and produce positive changes. We work to solve today's challenges, but also build for the business realities we will face years from now.

Faisal Husain

Co-founder and CEO, Synechron

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We partner with some of the top industry organizations. Together, we are driving the acceleration of innovations, best practice standards and bringing you new ways to work smarter.


Synechron serves as a Silver Level corporate member of FINOS (The FinTech Open Source Foundation), the independent nonprofit organization fostering the adoption of open-source, open standards, collaborative software development and best practices across financial services.


Synechron was accepted by, and is featured in, the Federal Reserve’s new FedNow Service Provider Showcase which debuted March 2022. The Federal Reserve Banks are developing the FedNow Service to facilitate nationwide reach of instant payment services by financial institutions through the Federal Reserve’s FedLine® network, beginning in 2023.

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We partner with companies that share our passion for innovation and the possibilities that the future holds, while helping us empower our innovative business ideas and solutions.

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