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We created a PayTech solutions toolkit to unlock the true value of data

Synechron’s proprietary FinLabs serve as innovation hubs. We invest the time and conduct the research necessary to understand clients’ most pressing business challenges. Our experts then strategize cutting-edge technologies to solve these challenges.  

We promote innovative ways to drive business efficiencies, support enhanced operations and accelerate their digital transformation. We ideate, engineer, and implement operational platforms, digital applications, and data science tools to empower the businesses we work with.

Key Benefits to Our Solutions

Evolve your payment systems journey

ISO 20222 Simulator

A system providing financial institutions with the ability to generate test data, verification and reporting support to enable compliance with new, de facto ISO 20022 XML-based international financial messaging standards. End-to-end support allows for either a ‘Big Bang’ or a multi-step migration to the new messaging standards.
  • Modular, microservices structure and API integration
  • Validation of outgoing messages through field testing
  • User dashboard for status/actions/tracking test summary/fails
  • Enables configurable business rules

PayEasy Pay Later

Our ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ solution enables banks to rapidly customize their own omni-channel alternative lending platform. A frictionless, point-of-sale customer onboarding experience coupled with an intelligent and customizable credit decisioning engine that can help banks offer credit in real-time.
  • A Frictionless digital solution helping banks acquire new customers and offer them credit lines at the point-of-sale
  • Data science tools enable quick new customer onboarding
  • Analytics for consumer credit scoring/history/limits
  • Machine Learning allows for a personalized credit decisioning engine

Black Swan Fraud Prevention

An automated, continuous system for monitoring omni-channel and omni-banks for cybersecurity threats and account fraud based on real-time transactions, non-financial events and behaviors within the bank, including unknowable massive Black Swan attacks. A bank’s security ops team is enabled with an intelligent kill switch.
  • Color coded monitoring dashboard flags real-time alerts/warnings
  • 24/7/365 system identifies events and abnormal behaviors
  • Analyzes details of attacks, data, and common denominators
  • Kill switch can wall off partial channel, versus whole bank

Liquify Treasurers Portal

A next-generation, real-time cash management tool that enables the Corporate Treasurer of a multi banked and multi-national corporation to better manage inflows/outflows, buffers, and currencies across global operating units.
  • Uses Open Banking API to connect to global banking accounts and retrieve activity information
  • Unified Treasury portal with highly intuitive dashboard that keeps Corporate Treasurers always on top of critical business indicators
  • Powered by a ‘next best action’ engine that generates recommendations on optimal dynamic cash sweeps
  • Helps check credit and FX risks in real time

Payments Data Platform

A cloud-based, advanced data platform that consists of state-of-the-art data and intelligence features that help tackle key challenges of banks to developing digital payments solutions.
  • Data Fabric integrates siloed data sets across business lines
  • Data Ingestion Framework automates data ingestion and extraction
  • Advanced Machine Learning, Federated Data Warehousing tools
  • Federated data visualization within an integrated dashboard

Prepare for new standards

Keep up with necessary payments industry changing messaging standards, increase financial institutions interoperability, and ensure future regulatory compliance by field testing, validating and migrating your financial messaging operations.

Offer new products

Explore and build new payments-centric products and services for clients in the shifting and increasingly competitive payments landscape. A BNPL digital solution with data science features to help banks create a new revenue stream by offering alternate lending.

Thwart fraud in real time

Flag and fight ever-increasingly sophisticated and shifting cyberattacks and fraud threats by deploying modern strategies, analytics and discovery tools to rapidly assess and kill even unknowing Black Swan fraud attempts in real time.

Expand client services

Enhance key services to new and existing large corporate clients’ Group Treasury functions to provide better cash management, metrics visibility and predictive analysis, along with expanded FX and risk management, on your way to becoming the bank of choice for your expanding client base.

Wondering how you can join our innovation initiatives?

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