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We developed Artificial Intelligence (AI) Data Science Accelerators to provide innovative solutions to current challenges in the Data Analysis landscape.

Synechron’s proprietary FinLabs serve as innovation hubs. We invest the time and conduct the research necessary to understand clients’ most pressing business challenges. Our experts then strategize cutting-edge technologies to solve these challenges.

We promote innovative ways to drive business efficiencies, support enhanced operations and accelerate their digital transformation. We ideate, engineer, and implement operational platforms, digital applications, and data science tools to empower the businesses we work with.

Key Benefits to Our Solutions

Leverage AI data science platforms, strategies & tools

Syn-AI for Signal Discovery Platform

Synechron’ AI Data Science Accelerator includes two powerful data science platforms that can accommodate a variety of data-focused strategies and methodologies. The Syn-AI for Signal Discovery platform ingests large volumes of structured and unstructured data.
  • Uses the latest advancements in parallel computing
  • Delivers a scalable platform
  • Enables rapid analysis of massive data collections
  • Identifies meaningful Granger Causal relationships

Granger Causality Application

Our second AI Data Science-led research application/platform, Granger Causality, frees the investment researcher to focus on analysis, versus data acquisition, transformation, and presentation. It retrieves, transforms and analyzes dozens of real-time and historical data sets as an ad hoc research analysis tool with the click of a button.
  • Leverages AI and Machine Learning (ML) models to read/interpret regulatory filings
  • Enables performance of ‘causal analysis’ for any pair of companies
  • Analyzes daily and inter-day returns, news, SEC filings, macro-economic data and company fundamentals
  • Calculates real-time market sentiment of a company

Visual Research

Our Visual Research tool uses a combination of Data Science, AI, and ML tools and techniques to produce robust, insightful, and cost-effective investment research, including deploying Synechron’s Syn-AI Signal Discovery analysis platform.
  • Uses NLP and Sentiment Analysis tools for wealth management
  • Enables analysis of multiple types of sentiment across disparate data sources, from news stories to SEC filings
  • Recursive Neural Networks analyze semantic similarity of documents and form stock price predictions
  • AI algorithms allow predicting price and valuation changes, identifying significant events, and forming recommendations

Informed Investing

Informed Investing provides investment advisors/wealth managers with a powerful platform for analyzing client portfolios and proactively engaging clients and prospects with insights not available with traditional investment and research tools.
  • Uses advanced Data Science techniques applied to a continuously updated database
  • Enables AI-led, data-driven intelligence for high-touch, high-impact client experiences
  • Advances time-sensitive, critical alerts, events & information related to assets managed
  • Easy-to-read dashboard summary relies on Natural Language Generation (NLG)

Credit Risk

The Credit Risk tool empower banks to proactively manage their credit portfolios, whether they consist of mortgages, auto loans, credit card loans, or business loans. By ingesting historical loan, macroeconomic, and borrower data, the accelerator uses ML models including clustering algorithms, and neural networks to predict credit defaults, delinquencies, and prepayments.
  • Proactively manages a loan portfolio based on data from predictive analysis
  • Applies Data Science and deep learning to predict probability of credit events
  • Enables deep drill downs for enhanced risk management
  • Produces more accurate financial forecasts and reports

Customer Complaints Management

Our AI-empowered Customer Complaints Management accelerator empowers banks to fully automate and proactively manage customer complaints. It sits on top of proprietary CRM platforms or other sources of consumer complaints data, and deploys Data Science tools to list, analyze and prioritize customer complaints.
  • Fully automated solution enabling banks to proactively resolve the most critical complaints
  • Enables identification of root causes of complaint disputes
  • Proactively identify complaints likely to be disputed
  • Significantly reduces time required to react to thousands of CFPB-filed complaints

LIBOR Impact Analysis

The LIBOR Impact Analysis accelerator digitizes a bank’s LIBOR-sensitive assets and uses the latest advancements in NLP to extract the fields and values required for valuation / exposure calculations from unstructured contract text. It enables financial institutions to flexibly and accurately quantify the impact of LIBOR index-linked contracts across asset classes and business units, so the expiring LIBOR can be best replaced.
  • Automates the time-consuming and potentially error-prone process for identifying LIBOR terms
  • Uses Optical Character Recognition and NLP to identify any reference to specific contract benchmarks and data attributes
  • Three levels of Inbuilt NLP Models understand language and patterns
  • Valuation Model calculates current & historical NPV of contracts to show valuations using alternate risk-free rate

Automate key investment processes

Utilize sophisticated AI, and varied Data Science-enabled tools to automate key investment-related processes, banish manually-intensive tasks and decrease the risk of human errors.

Enhance business intelligence

Ingest critical but diversely located structured/unstructured company data, market sentiment, macro-economic, portfolio and client data to produce enhanced business intelligence for better investment decisions and choices.

Heighten wealth/portfolio management

Use sophisticated AI and Data Science-led tools and strategies to enable wealth managers and investment advisors to up their game and create, customize, tailor and adjust portfolios based upon deeper insights and informed predictions.

Increase strategic client relationships

Embrace modern portfolio/wealth management strategies, platforms and tools to potentially produce better results and mitigate risks. Stay ahead of the same-old portfolio management ways and drive more client engagement, happiness and ‘stickiness’.

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