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Data Is Precious - Milica Nikolic

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Synechron’s Data Practice helps enterprises move to modern data solutions and deliver reliable analytics at scale. Storytelling is the best way for us to explain how our Data Practice experts are helping our clients realize value by driving data innovations, accessibility and analytics-led strategies. 

Explore our brief videos to see some of our dedicated data professionals across the globe sharing why they are passionate about data, what drove them to pursue a career in data science, and what challenges and opportunities they believe lie ahead.    

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Tim Jennings, Senior Director, Global Data Practice

“We’ve barely scratched the surface of the capability of data. So the automation capability, the AI and ML, the ability to transform the way that business is done is something that we are still at the early stages of.”

Sandeep Kumar, Head of FinLabs

“The value of your data sets increases dramatically if you are able to share it within your ecosystem; for example, if you are able to share it with your partners, clients or let’s say in an industry consortium.”

Maya Kotecha, Consultant, Data Practice

“Data is constantly changing; it’s innovating. There’s always people out there trying to do new things, trying to maximize how we can use our data and how we can bring it together.”

Anantha Sharma, Director, Innovations & Data Science

“Decision support systems is what most data and data science projects of today are about. It’s the need to gain insight from data for decision making.”

Milica Nikolic, Data Scientist

“All the decisions made by models lie on the data. Without this data we are useless. But with the data, the possibilities are infinite.”

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