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Enabling Sustainability Shift

  • We at Synechron believe the much-desired Sustainability shift will be powered by Sustainable Finance (SF) in the time to come
  • For Synechron both the SF regulatory regime as well as the ever-growing appetite for ESG are equally important topics
  • Our constant endeavor is to look at this shift in a holistic manner by leveraging the power of 3, ESG Booster is a perfect example in this regard

Sustainable Finance is a mainstream topic not only based on push (governmental action & regulatory guidance) but also pull (societal pressure)

Governmental action
Governmental action
Regulatory guidance
Regulatory guidance
Societal pressure
Societal pressure

SF is not only about tackling risk, but also identifying opportunities. Synechron is uniquely positioned to assist you find your way through this myriad of topics

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Our Vision On Sustainable Finance

Time has come to embrace Sustainable Finance with open arms.  

Our vision on Sustainable Finance

Impact on financial institutions

Sustainable Finance is expected to rapidly mature and impact is not limited to one department or domain

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Data Management

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Risk Management

  • Although there is a lot of momentum on disclosures and reporting requirements, the SF developments impact institutions across spectrum of core processes
  • Unlike many standalone regulations impacting only a given function or department, SF requires change across the board including paradigm shift in mindset

Why is it critical to look at Sustainable Finance and its impact now?

  • Climate awareness in society has been rising since the Paris Agreement and seems to have finally taken centre stage
  • Multiple natural disasters in the past years that make the potential effects of climate change even more tangible
  • The Green Deal proposal in the EU is a political landmark, showing the EU is serious about its climate change ambitions
  • The EU Action Plan has the underlying aim to move investments to more greener/sustainable initiatives
  • Green products are popping up like never before

Expected maturity curve Sustainable Finance in the coming years


Note: Keep Tracking the regulatory developments

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Synechron Has Built Up Extensive Expertise

Striving to be at the forefront of Sustainable Finance  

Regulatory Expertise And

  • We believe that a good implementation starts with an analysis and deep understanding of the complete spectrum of regulation and initiatives
  • We are proud to have successfully helped our clients with every major regulation to hit the banks in last 10 years (MiFID II, EMIR, SFTR, AIFMD, HKMA, MAS, Dodd Frank, Basel, CRR, CRD, PRIIPS etc.)
European Commission

Striving To Be At The Forefront
Of Sustainable Finance & ESG

  • Established SF & ESG practice for over two year
  • Engaged in conducting webinar for our clients and other market participants (Introduction to Sustainable Finance, ESG relevance, EU Taxonomy etc.)
  • Thought leadership articles and SF blogposts
  • Working on ESG assessment for corporates and SME’s
  • Engaged with leading ESG data providers for ESG Booster


Introducing ESG Booster

Our vision on Sustainable Finance

First version launched  



Institutional firms started to embrace ESG driven by increasing interests and push from investors and other stakeholders (e.g., regulators, non-profits, etc.)

Use case

use case

Bring uniformity and aligned definitions in terms of ESG from multiple data (providers) with own methodologies on scoring ESG

Targeted users

targeted users

Accelerator can serve the need of a wide spectrum of market participants (Investment firms, Private Banks, Asset Managers, Pension funds etc.)

Accelerator offering

Accelerator offering Sustainable Finance

Performs portfolio Analysis against (custom) ESG metrics to evaluate current ESG performance using different ESG data providers and indexes


Enables user to improve ESG score of selected instruments by proposing alternatives taking into account client preferences


At the heart of the accelerator are cutting edge data science features such at normalisation of ESG data (across providers) and ESG score prediction

Synechron is your Sustainable Finance partner

Convert this challenge into an opportunity by acting in time  

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How Can We Assist

Quick Scan

Sustainable Finance
Quick Scan  

  • Creating SF awareness (including ESG trends)
  • Scoping & applicability of the SF regulation & guidelines
  • Determine high impact areas (including ESG)
Quick Scan

Sustainable Finance Transformation Design  

  • Perform Impact Assessments for high impact areas
  • Identify of Gaps and Needs (As-is & To-be blueprint)
  • Designing transformation framework
  • Developing implementation plan

Sustainable Finance

  • Implementing agreed framework and roadmap
  • Facilitating change in terms of systems, IT & processes
  • Review and re-calibrate

Sustainable Finance
Strategy & Prioritization  

  • Customized prioritization map
  • Overall Strategy alignment (SF being an opportunity beyond regulation)
  • Alignment with larger market shift and societal expectation
  • ESG challenges, market developments and how to embed it


ESG webinar
ESG-The Data Landscape

Webinar Recap

Sustainable Finance: A clear introduction to a complex landscape  

Webinar Recap

Sustainable Finance - EU taxonomy and SFDR  

Webinar Recap

Team of Experts  

Our Sustainable Finance Experts

Meet Experts Joris Hillebrand

Joris Hillebrand  

Managing Director
Business and Management
Consultancy Amsterdam, NL

Meet Experts Rajul Mittal

Rajul Mittal  

Head of Sustainable Finance
Amsterdam, NL

Meet Experts Bermet Dordoeva

Bermet Dordoeva  

Senior Consultant Sustainable Finance
Amsterdam, NL