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Generative AI

We specialize in data science, large language models, and generative AI technologies, providing access to models on the AI Leaderboards, and fine-tuning models to optimize business performance.

Data Science

Combine domain knowledge with the principles of computer science, mathematics, and statistics to unlock valuable insights and build forward looking strategies.

  • Utilizing predictive analytics to shape actionable business decisions
  • Conducting comprehensive data analysis through rigorous statistical methods
  • Predicting upcoming patterns using finely tuned models

Generative AI and Large Language Models

Our generative AI (GenAI) solutions produce enhanced business content, including text, imagery, audio and synthetic data. We leverage large language models (LLMs), enabled by AI accelerators, to process vast amounts of text data and derive actionable insights for business.

  • Enhanced communication and content generation through natural language processing
  • Data-driven content generation for targeted marketing
  • New data instances for actionable analysis

Customized AI-Driven Solutions

Leveraging the latest AI technologies, we tailor solutions to meet industry-specific needs. Our team of engineers can customize the training and fine-tuning of models for specific tasks, ensuring continuous improvement and alignment with business goals.

  • Customized and cost-effective solutions
  • Business and technology stack modernization accelerated by artificial intelligence
  • Transform processes and workflows to ensure agility, resilience and competitive advantage
modern data solutions

AI Strategy and Architecture

Our AI strategy and architecture services are designed to create innovative solutions that deliver tangible business value.

Customized AI Roadmaps for Client Success

We work closely with our clients to develop strategies, roadmaps, and architectures that leverage the latest AI technologies and solutions.

  • Crafting tailored strategies and aligning technology with business objectives
  • Delivering business value via an ROI-driven approach, to ensure sustainable growth and value delivery with measurable success

Leveraging the Latest AI Technologies and Solutions

Harness the potential of innovative AI tools to stay ahead in dynamic markets, ensuring business resilience and continuous evolution.

  • Deploying state-of-the-art AI technologies for agility
  • Enhancing adaptability to market shifts and challenges

AI Research and Development

Our AI research and development efforts create cutting-edge solutions that drive growth and efficiency in your organization.

Collaboration with Clients and Technology Partners

Our AI research and development division collaborates with clients and technology partners across the globe.

  • Unified innovation to address complex challenges
  • Strategic partnerships with tech and cloud providers
  • Partnerships with top universities, providing access to educational leaders and research students

Evaluation of the Latest AI Technologies

We consider the latest AI technologies and identify opportunities to leverage the power of AI and develop innovative solutions and accelerators.

  • Continuous monitoring of the tech landscape to identify best-fit solutions within industry needs.
  • Finding growth areas for strategic expansion
  • Enhancing existing systems for streamlined performance

Development of Innovative Solutions and Accelerators

Secure sandbox environments accelerate time to market, ensuring responsiveness to industry changes.

  • New AI accelerators to address areas, including risk
  • Rapid prototyping for quick validation and testing ideas
  • Faster time to market for competitive advantage
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AI Ethics, Safety and Security

We ensure AI systems and solutions deployed at our clients' sites are ethical, safe and secure.

Ethical AI Solutions

We comply with all financial services legal and regulatory obligations, ensuring our algorithms and AI systems meet the highest ethical standards.

  • Transparent and fair AI, in harmony with industry regulations
  • Responsible AI practices, including the latest in AI explainability

Safety and Security

Our safe and secure AI solutions adhere to international standards, ensuring compliance, and fostering trust with our business partners.

  • Robust protection through regular audits and security measures
  • Rigorous data protection standards
  • Regulatory compliance

AI Software Engineering

Our AI software engineering team designs and builds cutting-edge AI applications for our clients.

Designing and Building AI Applications

Leveraging advanced algorithms and the latest AI technologies, we drive innovation and solve complex business challenges.

  • Custom, scalable AI applications, aligned with business needs and industry standards
  • Tailored solutions for business growth and adaptability
  • Realistic test data and test scenarios to improve quality, stability, and system availability

Advanced Algorithms and Latest AI Technologies

Our tailored solutions enable you to harness the power of AI, transforming your operations and delivering transformative value to your customers.

  • Modern techniques for business and process evolution
  • Continuous innovation for sustained growth
  • Creative problem-solving for innovative, market-leading solutions

Code Migrations and Modernization

Using AI to enhance test coverage, auto-generate comprehensive documentation, and migrating code bases from legacy systems such as Cobalt into modern technology stacks such as Java.

  • Expedite migration from older Java versions to Java 20
  • Reduce cycle time for change requests
  • Boost scalability and optimize system performance
  • Fortify codebases against security vulnerabilities
  • Convert COBOL and mainframe systems to modern microservices
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AI Data Management

Our AI Data Management services leverage data science and data management expertise to design and build data platforms, ecosystems, and robust data pipelines.

Leveraging Data Science and Data Management Expertise

Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your data and drive intelligent decision-making.

  • Data aggregation, profiling, and enhanced prompt engineering for LLM specific case studies
  • Insightful analytics for critical decisions
  • Strategic insights from your data repositories, including your data mesh or data lake

Designing and Building Data Platforms and Ecosystems

We design and build secure, centralized and reliable data management platforms and ecosystems.

  • Centralized data management for consistency and ease of access
  • Secure and reliable platforms for trust and compliance with industry standards.
  • Data governance applied on your data prior to its use with AI

Ensuring Data Quality

We ensure data quality and enable efficient processing and integration for AI applications.

  • LLM driven Data Catalog for better data quality monitoring
  • Data cleansing to maintain data integrity
  • Quality assurance for regulatory compliance.

Enabling Efficient Processing and Integration for AI Applications

Empower your business with responsive AI solutions when collecting, preparing, and labelling your data

  • Building knowledge graphs to explicitly store and access rich factual knowledge
  • Efficient processing that drives cost-effectiveness
  • Model training, validation, deployment and monitoring are leveraged throughout the development and post-deployment process

AI Infrastructure and Platforms

Our AI infrastructure and platforms services support the development, deployment, and management of artificial intelligence applications.

Designing and Building On-Premises and Cloud Infrastructure

We design and build on-premises and cloud infrastructure and application platforms, enabling our clients to seamlessly leverage the power of AI.

  • Flexible and scriptable deployment options for adaptability
  • Rapidly experiment and prototype, test, and iterate AI models in sandbox environments

Application Platforms to Support AI Development

We develop, deploy and manage scalable platforms, providing end-to-end support throughout the process.

  • Comprehensive solutions through the entire software SDLC
  • Adaptable infrastructure to flex for future growth
  • Build horizontal AI enabled platforms as plug and play components

AI Operations

Our AI operations services provide systematic management and execution of artificial intelligence technologies for our clients.

Management and Execution of AI Technologies

Our solutions encompass the processes, tools, and methodologies involved in developing, deploying, and maintaining AI models and systems.

  • Defined best practices for building, deploying, and maintaining specialized AI models
  • Seamless retraining of LLMs, ensuring they remain finely tuned and can evolve over time
  • Comprehensive insights into model performance, enabling data-driven decisions for optimizations
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Meet Our AI Team

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Ryan Cox

Ryan Cox


Artificial Intelligence, Program and Delivery Management

Prabhakar Srinivasan

Prabhakar Srinivasan


Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Innovation

Miroslav Kondic

Miroslav Kondic


Data Science & Machine Learning

Ivan Peric

Ivan Peric


Innovation, Engineering, Data Science & Analytics 

Punit Shah

Punit Shah


Innovation, Engineering and Data Science

Anantha Sharma

Anantha Sharma


Data Strategy, Data Science & Analytics

Narsimhan Mandayam

Narsimhan Mandayam


Delivery Management

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