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Innovation and AI transformation

We’re industry specialists across the entire asset management value chain, specializing in business process optimization, product innovation and AI transformation.

Product innovation

We help shape new investment product strategies that will drive business outcomes. We do this through the delivery of best-in-class products and user experiences powered by the latest technologies.

AI transformation

We use the latest AI advances to deliver improved, higher quality, and less expensive experiences for our clients and their customers.


In a highly regulated environment, we use new technology to support our clients in driving business value through:

  • The set-up of a GenAI operating model and governance framework
  • Use case development, using different models in our AI sandbox environment
  • Implementation in production, in line with all regulatory and data privacy requirements

Strategy and transformation consulting

Our experienced consultants work closely with asset management firms to devise effective target operating models, optimize processes, drive business growth, support the sustainability shift, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Business and technology transformation

We assist asset managers in aligning their operating models with changing market dynamics.


Our consultants help to drive digital transformation and operational excellence through:

  • Optimized processes
  • Enhanced organizational efficiency, and
  • The implementation of innovative technologies

Regulatory change, compliance, and environmental, social and governance (ESG)

Our experts bring thought leadership and a unique view of how to turn regulatory challenges into business opportunities.


We help our clients to integrate sustainability into their investment offering with our expertise in:

  • Sustainable finance regulations
  • ESG data, and
  • Climate risk.

Technology solutions

We offer a wide array of technology services designed to streamline and enhance asset management operations.

Portfolio management and trading systems integration

We’re the implementation partner of choice for state-of-the-art portfolio management and trading systems that enable asset managers to:

  • Execute trades efficiently
  • Manage portfolios, and
  • Effectively mitigate risk.

Application development, QA and modernization

We support our investment banking clients in provisioning next generation cloud-native application architecture, and developing innovative engineering solutions, built to scale with agile practices:

  • Solution architecture and design
  • Microservices and API development
  • DevOps
  • Quality software engineering and automation.

Data management and analytics

Our extensive expertise, across the entire data value chain, helps asset managers move to modern data solutions and deliver reliable analytics and insights at scale.

Data strategy and governance

We develop an investment bank-wide vision for data through data architecture, data management, data quality, and analytics solutions. Our data strategy is supported by practical roadmaps with realistic objectives.

Data engineering and visualization

We extract business insights from complex data, and present information visually (e.g., via dashboards), making it easier to understand trends and patterns, and to identify anomalies.


We create and maintain the analytics infrastructure, enabling pipelines to transform the raw or unstructured data used for analysis in large-scale processing systems.

Industry Expert

Selwyn Halbertsma

Selwyn Halbertsma

Director Consulting


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