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Strategies for Creating an Optimal Cloud-based Data-sharing Platform

Strategies for Creating an Optimal Cloud-based Data-sharing Platform

Charles Martens

Data Management Consultant , Hong Kong

Paul Jones

Senior Director Cloud & DevOps , London

Saurabh Kumar

Senior Consultant , Hong Kong

Cloud & DevOps

Building a client-facing Data Marketplace -- a platform that enables banks and financial institutions, together with their clients and partners, to explore, enrich and shop for business data -- or similar data-sharing platforms in the Cloud, brings about a number of novel risks and practical challenges. Among the variety of risks and challenges, most of these may not be fully visible at the start of the project.

By engaging an independent advisor with a proven track record in implementations across different Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) and other Cloud products, it is possible to uncover hidden risks and avoid common pitfalls in the Data Marketplace implementation stage.

The independent advisor is equipped with a deep understanding of the business context. Across our varying Financial Services industry clients, we have observed an increasing number of Data Marketplace-like initiatives over the past two years. The adoption speed of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and other advanced analytics methodologies has risen to all-time highs. As a result, the potential for both internally oriented as well as customer facing Data Marketplaces has risen in tandem. With the increased applicability and relative ease of using advanced methods for analyzing data, the need for accessible, clean and near real-time datasets is increasing, and not stopping anytime soon.


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