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Murex and Synechron Deliver and Deploy MX.3 Update at EDF

Murex and Synechron Deliver and Deploy MX.3 Update at EDF

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Posted on 07th October 2021

Murex, the global leader in trading, risk management and processing solutions for capital markets, is pleased to announce a new version of the MX.3 platform has been deployed at EDF. Murex was closely supported in the project by its partner, Synechron, the systems integrator responsible for updating and maintaining the Murex platform.

EDF, the leading producer and supplier of energy in France and a global leader in low-carbon energy production, utilizes the MX.3 platform through a managed service offering for the administration of its capital markets operations. The MX.3 platform is considered critical at EDF and is one of the most visible applications within the company. Teams managing MX.3 are made up of financial and technical experts who contribute as needed to support the business functions.

The deployment project, a technology upgrade on existing features, was completed on budget and on time within nine months.

Close collaboration between the EDF, Murex and Synechron teams facilitated user requirements identification, scope definition, testing and deployment to production, all within a remote working context. These circumstances pushed the teams to rethink deployment methods and adopt new collaborative tools.

“A project of this magnitude with this timing requires comprehensive expertise and context-specific knowledge,” said Romain Kerfant, project manager for the Murex application at EDF. “Thanks to their longstanding presence in this space, Synechron and Murex have been able to respond to our needs quickly and efficiently. All application users are satisfied with the upgrade and now benefit from new features and a more ergonomic interface. EDF operational teams now benefit from the full capabilities of Murex technology. The excellent flexibility that Murex and Synechron have been able to implement in variable health and technological contexts is a strong factor in the success of the project.”

Post-update, EDF users benefit from an optimized interface and more fluid ergonomics overall, providing greater speed and major time savings as they execute daily investment activities. The solution also offers an integrated view of all positions and market data for informed, rapid decision-making in uncertain, volatile markets.

“Over a period of 10 months, Synechron and Murex have deployed a sophisticated solution that enables EDF users to achieve a high level of productivity,” said Luc Testud, business manager of the France and Benelux regions at Murex. “From the outset, the upgrade project was conceptualized and designed to meet the requirements of traders and IT teams. This new MX.3 version will allow EDF to continue its rapid growth, with full confidence it has partners capable of adapting to its business and technological requirements."

Synechron and Murex orchestrated the change management from the start of the project, which facilitated training sessions based around understanding the new solution and implementing test versions for easier handling after deployment.

The new platform meets EDF's IT benchmarks: its level of compliance and its interoperability with the IT systems already in place comprehensively address the company's strong technical and functional requirements. The new MX.3 version allows for more scalability and incorporates DevOps and Agile methodologies. The version also institutes continuous and end-to-end testing that accurately measures end-user experience throughout the project.

“Synechron has managed the Murex platform at EDF since 2005. We are delighted with our continued collaboration with EDF and Murex,” added Jawad Cherkaoui, Senior Director, Head of System Integration at Synechron. “This partnership between our three teams has provided the technology and support necessary to meet the current and future needs of our client. Our partnership grew stronger throughout the project, and we are proud to have been able to effectively lead this change management in a difficult public health context. "

To learn more about the MX.3 upgrade at EDF, contact:
Clementine Deniel,
Head of Marketing and Communications, Murex
+(33) 6 30 30 40 04

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