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Synechron Serbia is 10! How we got here

Dragan Simic

Head of Synechron Serbia , Synechron

It’s hard to believe, but it’s now ten years since Synchron landed in Serbia. Back in 2014, Serbia was chosen as the company’s new location for its exceptional engineering talent, which it was hoped would enhance its existing offerings and skillsets – and so it has proved.

Enduring partnerships

Beginning as a small, driven team of four, we’re now a workforce of more than 350 professionals. This serves as a testament to our unwavering dedication and diligence, and to our delivery of comprehensive end-to-end solutions that have transformed and modernized businesses – resulting in enduring and successful partnerships with our global clients.

Our beginnings in Novi Sad

Our journey in Serbia began in Novi Sad, where the majority of our workforce is located – and in response to increasing demand, we expanded into Belgrade in 2022. Our teams here collaborate effortlessly, and we look forward to seeing them continue to grow.

Widespread recognition

Synechron Serbia has earned widespread recognition for our outstanding work. Our team is distinguished by exceptional engineering talent, proficiency across various technologies, and a remarkable capacity to adapt and acquire new skills.

Our diverse team includes people with expertise in software engineering, quality assurance, business analysis, infrastructure, data, Cloud & DevOps, systems integration and other critical areas. This broad skill set enables us to offer comprehensive end-to-end solutions to our clients. Another area to highlight is our team's expertise in data science and AI – which has made a significant impact as we provide consulting services to numerous financial institutions across the world, successfully delivering a multitude of client solutions in this area.

A diverse workforce

We understand that a diverse workforce is the foundation of our success. Our commitment to diversity goes beyond traditional metrics; we strive for talent that encompasses not only a wide range of technological expertise, but also a balanced representation of gender – and a plurality of perspectives that promote innovation and creativity. Our offices reflect a nearly equal gender balance, which is a testament to our belief in the power of gender diversity to drive business results. The prominence of women in leadership roles within our organization is not just a statistic – it reflects our culture, where the potential to lead is recognized and nurtured.

Investing in personal and professional growth

In line with our commitment to an inclusive work environment, we invest heavily in the professional and personal growth of our employees. The complex nature of our projects demands a myriad of technical skills, and we meet this challenge head-on by fostering a workforce that can happily work with a vast array of technologies. We offer a range of development programs and training sessions, each carefully tailored to suit the individual career journeys of our employees.

Delivering high-quality projects and solutions

Over the past ten years, Synechron's Serbian team has consistently delivered high-quality projects and solutions for a wide range of clients in the financial services industry. Beginning with a focus on software engineering for our European clients in insurance and capital markets, we've grown our expertise to include systems integration, AI and data science services for our clients in the USA and Asia. Today, our team in Serbia is committed to excellence and innovation, working on over 40 exciting projects for more than 20 global clients.

Building in the community

In addition to delivering innovation and excellence to various industries, we also encourage young people, helping to build the local technology community through various initiatives and collaboration with the nearby universities.

Our relationship with local colleges began alongside the opening of our offices – and was driven by a vision of mutual growth and community development. Our partnership began with student internships and has grown to include hosting open days, sponsoring hackathons, and donating a state-of-the-art IT lab to the Faculty of Technical Sciences. This investment in time, resources and infrastructure symbolizes our commitment to nurturing future professionals.

The Synechron SEED program

And this partnership has recently developed further, through our Synechron Employee Enablement and Development (SEED) program. Last year, we successfully employed 30 college graduates, providing them with structured training, certification opportunities and hands-on project experience. The success of this initiative and others like it are clear: over the past decade, more than 250 students have benefited, with many securing employment opportunities at Synechron upon completion of their internships.

Reigniting a vision for the future

As we celebrate this 10-year milestone in Serbia, we’re not just reflecting on a timeline – we’re reigniting a bold vision for our future. Our goal isn't merely to grow, it's to redefine excellence and set new benchmarks for innovation. The synergy between our accomplished Serbian team and our distinguished global clients has led to a real story of success. Our journey has been about building on a strong foundation – one that continues to drive change and inspire new ways of working. Here's to the next decade of redefining possibilities!

The Author

Rachel Anderson, Digital Lead at Synechron UK
Dragan Simic

Head of Synechron Serbia

Dragan Simic is a Head of Synechron Serbia since August 2022, overseeing the operations for Synechron Novi Sad and Belgrade offices. Dragan has been with Synechron in Serbia for almost 10 years, almost since office founding. Throughout the years, he has progressed through different Technical and Management roles.

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