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Product Engineering

We combine innovation frameworks with agile and continuous methodologies to design, develop and modernize software for hi-tech firms.

Product Strategy

We encourage divergent thinking that fosters the rapid development of digital solutions. This approach enables breakthrough ideas to be transformed into tangible results.

Our product strategy encompasses:

  • Agile development and transformation
  • Design thinking and co-creation
  • Rapid idea generation
  • Smart user experience
  • Advisory, consulting and solutioning
  • FinLabs: our self-funded innovation spaces, where we conceive, consider and create new business solutions.

Product Development

Our product development and engineering services, centered around domain-driven design and architecture, systems integration, design thinking, agile methodologies and automation, allow us to build and enhance next-generation software products and digital solutions.

  • Product planning and management
  • Product design and solutioning
  • Rapid application engineering
  • Intelligent quality engineering
  • NextGen DevOps and site reliability engineering (SRE)
  • Product regulatory and compliance.

Product Modernization

The emphasis of our software modernization services is on transforming products and platforms. This enables advanced software experiences while enhancing efficiency, resilience, compliance and security.

  • Product rationalization and transformation (AIOps)
  • Integrated process management (robotic process automation; cost per action)
  • Applied AI technologies
  • Cloud and Edge computing
  • NextGen software (low/no code)
  • Domain driven design (micro UI and services)
  • Web3 (blockchain computing)
  • NextGen business intelligence and Big Data.

Product Quality Engineering

Achieve faster delivery of exceptional products through intelligent and cognitive automation and continuous testing.

  • Process and quality consulting (SPEED)
  • Assurance Services (package testing, policies, NFT)
  • Test engineering and mobility (digital automation, Perf, BI/DWH, SOA, etc.)
  • Test data solution and virtualization (Syne-DQ)
  • Test environments and infrastructure (Syne-Sandbox)
  • Scriptless/codeless testing (Node-RED, Syne RPA).

Product Support and Operations

Our managed operations and support services leverage a zero maintenance framework, coupled with intelligent insights and monitoring dashboards, to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • Services catalogue blueprint
  • Operation platform and monitoring
  • Operations maturity and metrics
  • Continuous service improvement (zero maintenance)
  • Managed operations (managed service model).

Reengineering and Transformation

We elevate technology by creating scalable solutions that address complex business challenges.

Application Rationalization and Modernization

Aligning application portfolios with business needs, we reduce complexity, remove redundancy, enhance security, and ensure a more agile and future-proof technology environment.

DevOps and SRE Transformation

Advancing DevOps and site reliability engineering (SRE) transformation, leveraging tailor-made building blocks, frameworks, models and accelerators.

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Cloud and Microservices Adoption

We align cloud strategy with specific business drivers, requirements and technology.

Data Practice

We help businesses to transition to modern data solutions and achieve consistent, scalable analytics.

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Our Cybersecurity capabilities encompass a range of practices and technologies designed to protect digital systems, networks and data from cyber threats. This includes:

  • Cloud native security
  • DevSecOps
  • Enterprise cyber and risk
  • Intrusion detection systems
  • Threat monitoring
  • Vulnerability assessments, and
  • Incident response.

Emerging Technologies Adoption

Accelerating digital solutions for financial services and technology industries.

AI (ML/DL/GenAI) Solutions

Our AI accelerator program combines unrivalled financial and technology services consulting expertise with deep learning capabilities, delivering AI-enabled solutions to financial services and technology companies.

Data Science and Analytics

We provide predictive, prescriptive and cognitive analytics to drive informed decision-making, grow revenue and enhance operational efficiency.

Chatbot solutions

We develop natural language processing (NLP) and generative AI chatbots for specific use cases, fine-tuning specialized models with curated and labelled data for increased accuracy and performance.


Our innovative blockchain accelerators and development initiatives define use cases that solve real business challenges.

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Intelligent Automation (RPA/CPA)

We provide end-to-end frameworks for creating smart process automation, with seamless digital integration, using pluggable services and components.

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Naveen Kumar

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