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Climate Risk

At the end of this month, the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) will start in Glasgow. It will be an important conference, because time is running out. Just three recent news examples to substantiate the urgency:

  • The World Health Organisation (WHO) mentioned climate change as ‘the single biggest health threat facing humanity’ (October 11, 2021, CNN)
  • According to the International Energy Agency (IEA) our transition towards clean energy is still ‘far too slow to put global emissions into sustained decline towards net zero’ (October 13, 2021, CNBC)
  • Climate scientists affiliated with IPCC stated that the 2050 net zero emissions target will be too late; the year should be brought forward ten years, to 2040 at the latest (October 17, 2021, NOS)

COP26 is once again bringing parties together to renew the Paris agreements. Following this conference, Synechron is bringing together parties from the financial services industry. Central banks and regulators need to make sure that our financial systems can withstand the impacts of climate change and support the transition to net zero. It also means banks, insurers, investors and other financial firms committing to ensuring their investments and lending are aligned with the net zero goal.

On November 23rd we are organizing a webinar about Climate Risk together with ABN AMRO and our partner Green RWA. We will look at Climate Risk from the financial services sector perspective - to increasing risks (both physical and transitional), challenges and possibilities for banks, regulatory demands, client expectations, (lacking) climate data, and climate proof risk management.

You are cordially invited to participate in this webinar. There are no costs involved.

/ /Webinar Details
Date: Tuesday, November 23, 2021
Time: 12 PM – 13 PM CET
photo of Jawad Cherkaoui

Tjeerd Krumpelman

Global head of advisory, reporting & engagement


Will share the key climate risk-related challenges within wholesale and retail banking and how ABN AMRO as a pioneer bank on this topic is tackling these challenges

photo of Jawad Cherkaoui

Olivier Vinciguerra


Green RWA

Will explain how climate change risk can be better embedded into risk management methodologies of banks

photo of Jawad Cherkaoui

Sander Boleij

Sustainable Finance Expert


Will be hosting the webinar and leading an interactive discussion with the speakers and audience


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