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The Rationale for Intelligent Automation

Jeroen Kies

Consultant , The Netherlands

Cloud & DevOps

Intelligent Automation (also known as Intelligent Process Automation) has seen accelerated usage across business markets and industries, notably including the financial services industry. Worldwide growth in Intelligent Automation is predicted by Gartner and others to continue growing at a rapid pace as businesses realize real, tangible benefits. Analytics Insights estimates that the global Intelligent Automation market is likely to reach US$19.6 billion by 2023, and is growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 14.5%. Europe and North America are the regions predicted to see the greatest growth moving forward.

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The Rationale for Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation enables business enterprises to scale their activities and automate processes by increasing the speed and accuracy of such, reducing the error rate through the reduction of human-led, error-prone processes, and greatly empowering

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