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Data, Cloud & DevOps, Analytics


Client Insights platform, NLP, Squirro - a cloud-based on-premises platform


  • Leveraging AI to generate client insights
  • Latest AI technologies across 4 markets
  • One of the first client applications to be deployed on AWS Cloud in Asia
  • Featured at the Singapore Fintech Festival


Banking relationship managers (RM) are the face of a bank and the key point of contact for their clients; therefore, empowering them is key to maintaining customer loyalty and increasing the share of the wallet.

Through the combined efforts of Synechron, Squirro and the client, the teams came together to deliver a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

This provided front-line sales with curated client insights extracted from internal and external unstructured data to unlock new opportunities.

Our Process

Empowering banking relationship managers (RM) by delivering a MVP that provided front-line sales with curated client insights extracted from internal and external unstructured data to unlock new opportunities.


We conducted a workshop to understand how to address our client requirement and develop a systematic workflow to achieve the objective. We referred to our previous projects which helped us define our MVP.

Delivery Process

In partnership with Squirro, the team created a new platform to deliver relevant contextual content for client-facing staff, including RMs, bankers, corporate finance, and sales, to drive cross-location collaboration and uncover new revenue streams.

What We Delivered

We leverage our expertise and advanced analytics such as NLP and the Squirro platform to gain insights into customers, partners, and market trends using AI. This enhanced client intelligence, bringing together industry best practice and the latest in AI technologies across 4 markets: Singapore, UAE, UK, and France.

In 6 months, our cross-functional platform helped RMs and client-facing staff generate the insights to unlock new opportunities whilst achieving a major milestone.

Looking Forward/Future Planning

The MVP is now being scaled to an enterprise-wide solution, which will help improve time-to-market, enhance client experience, and accelerate the front-line's journey towards new ways of working by embracing digital capabilities.


Front End

  • HTML5
  • Angular 4
  • Vue.js


  • AWS
  • Squirro
  • S3


  • Squirro
  • Custom NLP models
  • External data feeds

Being the face of the banking ecosystem, the RMs are the key point of contact for clients. Therefore, Synechron in collaboration with Squirro developed a one-stop-shop for RMs and Sales to access all insights and recommendations around their client's universe.

We are incredibly proud of the innovative work resulting from the combined efforts of all teams involved. This award acknowledges the positive impact of our insights engines' analytics and NLP capabilities, delivering actionable insights in the right context. It also drives us to keep striving for our vision, together with our clients and partners, to turn hard-to-use data into valuable assets with AI.

General Manager Asia and Head of Product at Squirro

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