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Technical Consulting, Cloud & DevOps, Software Engineering


Amazon Web Services 


  • Built omnichannel chatbot for general inquiries 
  • Ability to transfer to the human agent when needed 
  • Record chatbot conversations on the Cloud 
  • Extract data for reporting 
  • Encrypt sensitive info before logging  


We built and deployed a highly available, scalable, and cost-saving automated front-line chatbot on the Cloud to reduce the financial services institution’s call center volume and repetitive queries to agents.  

This 24/7 AI-rich chatbot allows for single click deployment for the entire Cloud resources using IaaC. Omnichannel support for calls and texts enables routing to human personnel if the customer opts out of the chatbot or the chatbot fails to interpret customer utterances.

Our Process

We worked with the client to set its objectives and parameters for integrating an automated AI-led chatbot for general customer interactions. We then configured an AWS Cloud-based capability to meet goals and provide the sought-after benefits.

Needs assessment

Our client desired to reduce/automate repetitive query responses made to call center associates. They sought a solution allowing for 24/7, round-the-clock availability, accommodating omnichannel calls or texts, and automated responses for general and identical customer inquiries using artificial intelligence technology to provide correct answers.  

Cloud deployment

Leveraging an AWS Cloud solution, we proposed and architected an automated Cloud-based chatbot to handle multiple necessary functions such as callback features, inbound/outbound voice responses, ANI blocking, rerouting to agents based on skills, and reporting.     

Tangible benefits

Our AWS Cloud-based, AI-led FAQ chatbot solution improved cost and workload efficiencies while ensuring 24/7 availability and full scalability and reliability. Automated deployments left call center representatives to handle more difficult requests or those not readily understood.   

Business Consulting & Cloud

Cloud project scope

  • Reduce/automate query traffic to the call center 
  • Omnichannel interactions for calls/texts 
  • Fraud detection and prevention    

Data flow/storage

  • Record all chatbot conversations 
  • All PII information is encrypted before storing  
  • Data lake-based solution for reporting  

Cloud provider/tools deployed

  • Genesys Cloud 
  • Amazon Lex 
  • Amazon Lambda 
  • Amazon Kendra 
  • Python 

We successfully built and deployed a functional, always-on Cloud-based Conversational AI chatbot platform for greater work efficiencies and cost reductions. The system integrates into and enhances the client’s existing call center and customer inquiry systems, offering round-the-clock availability and the ability to scale further.   

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