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Rethinking Data Lakes and Data Warehouses

Ravindran Narayanasamy

Managing Consultant - Data Management & Engineering Practice, Synechron Business Consulting , The Netherlands


Google has killed over 229 projects, with the longest project being almost 17 years old, and the youngest being barely 29 days old. It is either adapt or die. It is commonplace, rather the cost of running a business to scrap old technology to keep up with the times, however expensive the original investment might have been.

On that note, data lake programs have been one of the major technology investments of all large banks in the past five years. Yet, increasingly data lakes are being referred to as data swamps. With the constant changes due to regulatory requirements, evolving business and technology landscape, large datasets being duplicated into data lakes become outdated before they can reach the staging layer.

Rethinking Data Lakes and Data Warehouses

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