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Client Lifecycle and Data First

Deliver change and efficiencies to your processes, leveraging your client data across the full lifecycle, from prospecting and onboarding to trading.

Client prospecting

Our client prospecting solutions enhance a bank’s ability to perform prospecting by:

  • Leveraging big data and analytics to automate the process of identifying high-value leads
  • Applying AI and data science models to large volumes of demographic and consumer data to identify and prioritize high-net-worth individuals who have a greater likelihood of conversion.

Client onboarding

Our account onboarding and Know Your Customer (KYC) solutions collect essential information for downstream compliance, anti-money laundering and fraud regulations. We deliver:

  • Onboarding design and development expertise for clients
  • A single platform for all wealth management client onboarding, including tracked onboarding documents
  • Contextual navigation – clear segregation of fields based on onboarding journey context
  • An AI-driven account opening chat interface to auto-complete onboarding forms
  • Integrated data from marketing and client services systems.


Wealth managers need to establish client suitability and determine whether an investment decision is in the best interest of the customer and complies with regulations.

Our efficient suitability solutions include:

  • Utilizing current client profiles, securities characteristics, and internal wealth management rules to create a sophisticated ‘rules engine’
  • Using data analytics to screen the viability of a client with respect to a bank’s product offering.

Multi-account opening

Open multiple accounts for numerous clients in the same account linked group. We deliver:

  • Servicing of all wealth management clients, from mass affluent to high and ultra-high net-worth
  • Strategic guidance, with new cutting-edge functionalities and interfaces.
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Portfolio Management and Trading Processes

We can help consolidate multiple legacy trading mainframe systems, standardize data and services across multiple asset-classes, and migrate your advisors and your clients to more modern and resilient platforms.

Trading and investment platforms

Our single, modern platform empowers clients’ investment management businesses to deliver industry-leading client service through one centralized digital touchpoint.

  • Our platforms serve as both an internal client service platform, used by portfolio managers, operations personnel, and client service associates, and an external portal accessible for retail and institutional clients
  • We implement cross-product, Java-based distributed order management and trading solutions to replace legacy order entry, routing, trading and execution systems that run on mainframes.

ESG impact assessment (for investment and portfolio management)

Our solutions for assessing environmental, social and governance (ESG) impact include:

  • A client-facing portal to provide bespoke ESG support to investment and wealth management clients
  • An ESG impact calculator that assesses ESG impact, taking into account portfolio and client preferences
  • More and better data, precise portfolio advice and integration of multiple ESG frameworks.
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Client Management and Ideation

We offer modern business insights, digital tools and portals for advisors and clients, fueled by better ideation.

Client insights

Our client insights include:

  • Pricing – data analytics optimize client fee pricing across an organization, offering a top-line view of fees at the client level and benchmarking tolerances to attract and retain clients
  • Asset tokenization – opens up new alternative investment opportunities for asset managers and their clients. We showcase asset management dashboards and illustrate how smart contracts work across a variety of scenarios
  • Smart statements tech – gives clients and advisors access to highly customizable and interactive statement views with an integrated portfolio management toolkit.

Next Best Action

We offer tech-driven models for financial advisors that:

  • Evaluate communications with clients by email, text and other means
  • Apply machine learning to evaluate ideas that can then be suggested to clients.


Our chatbots can be used by financial advisors for annotating existing data sets and creating training data for NLP models to:

  • Improve efficiencies and accuracy, and
  • Enable financial advisors to locate the right information and documents fast.
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Regulatory Compliance and Change

Regulators expect wealth managers to demonstrate operational and cyber resilience and proactively engage with changing rules and expectations.

Portfolio monitoring

Our real-time portfolio risk monitoring and assessment offers:

  • Enhanced due diligence and auditing
  • Pre-emptive help to address regulatory compliance (including for Consumer Duty in the UK, and MiFID and SFDR in the EU).

Automation of pre-trade compliance

Our next generation Global Rules Engine automates pre-trade compliance checks and:

  • Simplifies pre-trade checks
  • Shortens the order booking cycle
  • Supports a pre-trade scorecard to show rules evaluation results holistically and
  • Provides audit justification and on meeting pre-trade compliance.
modern data solutions

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