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Experience Design

Our experience design service offering enables us to craft end-to-end user experiences - from analysis to interface design.

Research & Analysis

Holistically studying your target audience to unveil user problems, design opportunities and crucial information to use in the product design process.

  • Qualitative research
  • Quantitative user data
  • Persona & empathy maps

Service Design

Breaking services into interactions between the users and the business. This lets us measure the positive experiences, frustrations, impact of digitization and overall system mapping to achieve a smooth journey.

  • Journey maps
  • Service blueprints
  • Process and system mapping

Product Design

Leveraging the critical process that designers use to blend user needs with business goals. We enable businesses to create successful products through user experience and interface design.

  • User flows  
  • Interface design 
  • Interaction design through prototyping 


Our digital product expertise enables us to best define the product market fit and delivery strategy, thereby ensuring there is user adoption upon release.

Product Strategy

Shaping business problem statements, and creating the product strategy that will drive business outcomes. This is done through the delivery of best-in-class user experiences that are enabled through the latest technologies. 

  • Client value proposition
  • Product pitch book
  • Product definition and features
  • Product roadmap


Determining the definition of a product requirement based on broad and deep research and analysis, or the collection of business requirements from stakeholders or end-users.

  • Market research
  • User stories/epics
  • User and stakeholder interviews

Performance Management

Actively monitoring and tracking the market and technical performance of the product or platform against identified business KPIs.

  • Product enhancements
  • New product features
  • System enhancements

Delivery Management

Delivering the product or platform strategy via a highly-skilled, multi-disciplined group of people, focused on seamless delivery management.

  • Product delivery across digital channels
  • Agile delivery and value creation
  • Platform adoption across business lines

Application Development

Developing applications enables us to define application architecture solutions and deliver interactive digital experiences for end-users.

Solution Consulting

Providing end-to-end recommendations for optimizing processes for a better user experience as well as heightened performance.

  • Research/analysis 
  • Technology recommendations 
  • Solution optimization 

Web Application Build

Delivering responsive web application experiences in various technologies, with intuitive and interactive interfaces.

  • Angular  
  • React  
  • Progressive Web Apps

Mobile Application Build

Developing a best-in-class mobile application for banking and insurance firms for mass market customers.

  • React Native 
  • IOS 
  • Android 

Accelerated Prototyping

Creating rapid prototypes within aggressive timelines to showcase the art of the possible for a new product or feature propositions.

  • Rapid prototype builds; typically within weeks 
  • Third-party product exploration 
  • Framework development 

Our Program Engagements

Here’s an overview of the types of program engagements we deliver

Product Development

We ideate and create user-centric products, from Neo-banking and Investment Platforms, to Self-service Insurance Experiences.

Mobile Experiences

We enable leading financial institutions to connect with their users through interactive mobile experiences.

Desktop Experiences

We create everyday business tools that support digitization and data reporting, and that allow the workforce to deliver seamlessly.

Data Insights

We collaborate with our data experts to harness internal and external data sets in order to enrich the customer and employee experience through data visualization.

Consulting Engagements

Our team of practitioners are deployed to extend and enhance the capabilities of some of the leading financial institutions globally. 

Digital Case Studies

Meet Our Digital Team

Any successful business has to have the ‘right’ culture and the people in the business have to not only share that culture but to fully believe in it and demonstrate it in the way they conduct themselves and their business.

Peter McConville

Peter McConville


Experience Design & Product Development

Aga Siugzdinis

Aga Siugzdinis


UX Research & Design, Service Design & Strategy

Shainil Shah

Shainil Shah


Process design, Engineering & Automation Consulting

Narendra Bhavsar

Narendra Bhavsar


Digital Strategy, Experience Design, application development.

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