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Implementing Secrets Management Using HashiCorp Vault Enterprise

Bobby Ip

Partner , New York

Software Engineering

Vault is designed to solve the problem of decentralized secrets management. It is common to find secrets sprawled across multiple systems, configuration files, and repositories across the organization. Often, productivity is lost in trying to build and manage secrets and integrate them with Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) and other cryptographic operations.

As multi-cloud adoption becomes more prevalent, your ability to consistently secure and encrypt data across hybrid environments with HSMs will become increasingly difficult because existing tools are designed for Static Infrastructure, where you have inherent high-trust networks with clear network perimeters. In a Dynamic Infrastructure, you are working across multiple clouds and private data centers, in low trust networks, where network perimeters may span across multiple cloud providers.

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Implementing Secrets Management Using HashiCorp Vault Enterprise

, HashiCorp Vault makes secrets management and data encryption easier, with API driven automation.

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