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Synechron and VisionGroup Partner to Leverage dataSense Enhanced Data Management Tool for Upcoming Accelerator program

Synechron and VisionGroup Partner to Leverage dataSense Enhanced Data Management Tool for Upcoming Accelerator program

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Posted on 12th July 2023

Synechron, a leading global digital transformation consulting firm, today announced that it has formally partnered with VisionGroup, a Singapore-based technology company and the creator of dataSense, the next generation catalogue and data management tool, to help extend innovation in the Data Management space.

Synechron has been working with VisionGroup and its dataSense team to leverage this technology into Synechron’s 13 global Financial Innovation Labs (“FinLabs”), as well as incorporate it into the next generation of FinLabs-created accelerator solutions expected to debut later this year.

The dataSense technology uses a combination of mathematical algorithms and event processing to build the picture of an organization’s data. It complements metadata platforms by creating an operational view of the data built from the actual data, and not simply metadata. dataSense bridges the gap between the business glossary, operational data, and technical metadata. It augments and completes the data governance framework. dataSense enhances organizations’ existing processes and controls, and can capture unexpected items, such as internal data abuse. Enabling digital fingerprints and data catalogues allows for rapid identification (through Smart Alerts) of data changes and identifying who made changes.

Tim Jennings, Global Data Practice Lead at Synechron said, “We are excited to be partnering with VisionGroup, and looking to leverage the capabilities of the dataSense tool for some interesting imminent use cases. We are seeking to exploit the data observability features in our upcoming risk accelerator, supporting features for pro-active identification and rectification of data issues, and enabling real insight into the data payloads between systems. We are also keen to explore how we can use this tooling in the refresh of our own internal data estate, where data integrity and quality will be the objective.”

Kieran Ebbs, Chief Revenue Officer, VisionGroup said, “We are delighted with the announcement of this strategic partnership with Synechron, a company renowned for its deep expertise in financial services. This collaboration aims to redefine the data landscape by combining Synechron’s extensive capabilities with the innovative approach of dataSense, a transformative data management solution. This unique partnership presents an unparalleled opportunity to deliver successful data initiatives that will drive remarkable outcomes for organizations, empowering them to unlock the true potential of their data, optimize data management processes, and generate actionable insights.”

About Synechron

At Synechron, we believe in the power of digital to transform businesses for the better. Our global consulting firm combines creativity and innovative technology to deliver industry-leading digital solutions. Synechron’s progressive technologies and optimization strategies span end-to-end Artificial Intelligence, Consulting, Digital, Data, Cloud & DevOps, and Software Engineering, servicing an array of noteworthy financial services and technology firms. Through research and development initiatives in our FinLabs we develop solutions for modernization, from Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain to Data Science models, Digital Underwriting, mobile-first applications and more. Over the last 20+ years, our company has been honored with multiple employer awards, recognizing our commitment to our talented teams. With top clients to boast about, Synechron has a global workforce of 14,500+, and has 43 offices in 18 countries within key global markets. For more information on the company, please visit our website or LinkedIn community.

About VisionGroup

VisionGroup is a humanity plus company based in Singapore that believes in using technology for the betterment of the human race. We are focused on driving adoption of impactful technology to governments, enterprises and the masses by making it better, faster and easier. We have a vision to empower lives by integrating disruptive technology into everyday life to create a better us and a better world. And a mission to empower our clients and stakeholders to turn their Vision to Reality. Our goal is to be a leading global technology enabler by placing Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Cybersecurity into all aspects of everyday life to make lives better through impactful technology. Our core sectors of focus are in Commerce, Finance and Government. See more at our website.

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