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Synechron Further Expands Its Presence in India, Launches 8th Office and 13th FinLabs Across the Globe

Synechron Further Expands Its Presence in India, Launches 8th Office and 13th FinLabs Across the Globe

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Posted on 12th May 2022

Synechron Further Expands Its Presence in India, Launches 8th Office and 13th FinLabs Across the Globe

Synechron Holdings Inc., a leading provider of digital transformation services to financial institutions, today announced the unveiling of their new office in Pune, India. This is their 8th office in the country and 3rd in the city of Pune after setting up offices across Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai, and Hyderabad. This new, ultramodern facility is located at the EON IT Park, one of the largest financial hubs in India.

The new office is a testament to Synechron’s growth, which further amplifies the brand’s progressive journey in India. The new 50,000+ sq. ft. workspace will accommodate 600+ employees in their Offshore Development Centre (ODC) and will also house their 13th Global Financial Innovation Labs (‘FinLabs’). At the moment, Synechron has its global FinLabs located in New York, Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Charlotte, London, Paris, Novi Sad, Amsterdam, Dubai, and Singapore, and they play a significant role in showcasing and advancing global digital transformation initiatives for the financial services industry.

All of the global FinLabs are open to Synechron’s clients, prospects and partners, to allow them to experience the cutting-edge, industry-leading digital solutions and innovations that could accelerate their digital transformation journeys. Synechron’s FinLabs enable prototyping with technologies such as Blockchain, AI, Data Science, the Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and more.

Synechron’s Co-founder and CEO Faisal Husain said, “I am humbled by our growth and pleased to inaugurate Synechron’s eighth office in India. We’ve included all of the global signatures of Synechron in this office, including our award-winning FinLabs. Additionally, like all of our offices, this workspace is also equipped with state-of-art facilities and the ambience to welcome our diverse workforce. With this expansion, we look forward to amplifying our offerings for our clients as well as our employees.”

Hareesha Pattaje, Managing Director and Country Head, India, Synechron said, “The new office space is set to add a new chapter to Synechron’s success story, already powered by customer success. While we are vigorously onboarding top talent to work on exciting technologies and projects, our focus on research and development is unwavering and the fresh FinLabs at our new Pune office is a sure sign of that. Our modern facilities, Learning & Development programs, industry leading innovative services, array of employee benefits, and Covid support initiatives have won several national and global awards, and our new office is built to continue the same philosophy of strengthening our employees’ wellbeing over the long term,” added Pattaje.

Within the Synechron FinLabs, one can have an immersive experience interacting with Synechron's award-winning Accelerator solutions that include nine global programs with 75+ business-focused applications that address complex business challenges. Ranging from data analytics to process-intensive automation tasks in Capital Markets, Corporate & Retail Banking, Wealth Management, Risk & Compliance, and Insurance domains, they use the latest, state-of-the-art techniques in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Intelligent Automation, and Deep Learning, to name a few.

The new office was designed and built-in accordance with the company's most recent green policies and has received Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) accreditation in the platinum category for its green rated interiors. Furthermore, the office is a National Safety Council of India-certified workplace for COVID-19-related safety policies, procedures, and operational control measures.

About Synechron
Synechron is a leading provider of digital transformation services to financial institutions and is working to accelerate digital transformation and empower financial services institutions to thrive in rapidly evolving markets. Synechron delivers these firms end-to-end Digital, Software Engineering, Data, Cloud & DevOps and Consulting capabilities with expertise in wholesale banking, wealth management, and insurance as well as emerging technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science. The company is present in 17 locations around the globe, with over 13,000 employees. For more information on the company, please visit our website or LinkedIn community.

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