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We created a RegTech solutions toolkit to bring increased control to complex financial services regulations.

Synechron's proprietary FinLabs serve as innovation hubs. We invest the time and conduct the research necessary to understand client's most pressing business challenges. Our experts then strategize cutting-edge technologies to solve these challenges.

We promote innovative ways to drive business efficiencies, support enhanced operations and accelerate their digital transformation. We ideate, engineer, and implement operational platforms, digital applications, and data science tools to empower the businesses we work with.

Key Benefits of Our Solutions

Simplify regulations and amplify efficiency

KYC Remediation

KYC Remediation

Know Your Customer (KYC) Remediation is a strategic approach to address the challenges of anti-money laundering (AML) and KYC regulations. It leverages advanced technologies like Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to automate and streamline the KYC process. Remediation time and errors are significantly reduced while accurate, up-to-date and compliant client data is ensured.
  • Automated workflow with multi-level data assurance
  • Integrations for efficient data extraction and evidence validation
  • Dynamic dashboard interface for streamlined KYC remediation management
  • Enhanced client onboarding experience through faster, more accurate KYC processes
Capital Walk Forward

Capital Walk Forward

Revolutionizes the way banks report Capital Numbers for Basel regulations. Using Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Generation (NLG), this tool automates commentary on variances in Exposure At Default (EAD) and Risk Weighted Assets (RWA) ꟷ minimizing manual effort, enhancing accuracy, and providing crucial insights for financial strategizing.
  • Business logic application identifies market conditions influencing variances
  • Comprehensive quarter-to-quarter comparison at counterparty and individual trade levels
  • Automated generation of detailed commentary for compliance and planning
  • User-friendly dashboard for report validation and export functionality for seamless distribution
Intelligent Controls Testing

Intelligent Controls Testing

Simplifies the complexity of control environments and automates the labor-intensive process of control testing, allowing Boards and Executives to answer critical risk management questions swiftly and accurately. Transitions the First Line of Defense from testing to enhancing control frameworks, using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and data science technologies.
  • Automates of control testing with RPA, reducing manual effort and errors
  • Configurable dashboards provide instant, comprehensive control-level analysis
  • Focus on key controls in trade execution processes, with functional flexibility
  • Supports a more intelligent, real-time regulatory control model
Accounting Standard Normalizer

Accounting Standard Normalizer

Tackles the challenges of IFRS 9 and US GAAP compliance for banks operating internationally. Simplifies the consolidation of expected loss calculations and supports real-time, detailed financial analysis. Flexible architecture integrates seamlessly with existing risk models, enhancing reporting accuracy and risk assessment.
  • Microservices architecture supports proprietary credit risk model integration
  • Searches financial documents with risk factor flagging
  • Customizable API connectivity to existing internal credit risk models
  • Comprehensive assessment of 12-month and lifetime expected losses
Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB)

Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB)

Addresses the sweeping changes introduced by FRTB regulations. Overhauls traditional system architectures, integrating advanced data processing and management to meet new regulatory requirements. It offers a comprehensive workflow for identifying and grouping risk sensitivities, calculating sensitivity-based risk charges, and enhancing risk calculations at the desk level.
  • Advanced analytics framework specifically designed for FRTB
  • High-volume data processing for complex risk calculations
  • Pre-configured FRTB-compliant calculation stages.
  • Enhanced risk calculation for compliance and management.
Information Governance & Records Management

Information Governance & Records Management

Helps manage unstructured data and adheres to complex record-keeping regulations. It automates the analysis, classification, and retention of documents ꟷ reducing the risk of regulatory fines for inadequate records management. Employs OCR and NLP to process a wide range of unstructured documents, ensuring compliance with multiple regulations and enabling efficient document management.
  • AI-driven detection, metadata assignment, and validation against record-keeping regulations
  • Centralized document management portal for streamlined record access and control
  • Comprehensive document processing capabilities, including search, traceability, and auto-cataloging
  • Audit trail creation for defensible and transparent records management

Streamline regulatory compliance

Automate and optimize your compliance processes. Enable real-time analysis and reporting, ensuring adherence to international regulations like IFRS 9, GAAP, and Basel standards. Streamlining reduces the risk of non-compliance and associated fines, while freeing up resources to focus on core business activities.

Enhance risk management

Leverage advanced technologies like AI and ML for more accurate and efficient risk management. Provide detailed insights into credit risks, trading strategies, and control breaches ꟷ enabling proactive risk management and informed decision-making at all levels.

Optimize financial reporting

Simplify complex financial reporting requirements across different jurisdictions. Standardize and automate profit and loss calculations, expected loss assessments, and more, offering a consolidated view of financial health and facilitating informed strategic planning.

Ensure data integrity and governance

Confidently manage your unstructured data. Automate data classification, retention, and compliance, ensuring that your data governance meets the highest standards. Minimizes the risk of data mishandling and enhance overall data quality.

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