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Operating at the Intersection of Human and AI Creativity

Encompassing the three value streams of Business Growth, Operational Efficiency and Developer Productivity, our suite of AI products streamlines services, and provides insights and efficiencies to business at scale.

 Operating at the Intersection of
 Operating at the Intersection of
 Operating at the Intersection of

Easy to implement, rapidly

customizable AI solutions

Synechron Nexus is a suite of AI-backed solutions that augment human capabilities to boost growth, efficiency and productivity.

Business Growth

Igniting Business Innovation

We use AI to power innovative and practical applications that augment human capabilities and enhance our clients' operations.

Synechron Amplifai is a GenAI-powered research solution for market analysis and reporting and the auto-creation of client pitch decks.

Synechron Clarifai is a tool for summarizing and analyzing call center transcripts.

Synechron Simplifai centralizes your project portfolio data and metrics for streamlined executive decision-making. Make effortless, data-backed decisions during your steering committee meetings.

Operational Efficiency

Elevating Operational Excellence

Our AI operational efficiency solutions streamline processes, reducing manual intervention and costs, while boosting quality.

Synechron Nexus Chat, built on a conversational AI model, understands a range of scenarios and questions, and delivers human-like responses, safely and securely.

Synechron Replai is an AI-driven RFP and proposals tool offering insightful, high-quality responses.

Synechron Unifai is an AI-driven HR solution that simplifies interactions between HR and employees.

Synechron Identifai collects comprehensive online market intelligence and provides an in-depth understanding of emerging technologies and areas of research.

Developer Productivity

Accelerating Development Speed and Efficiency

Optimizing project timelines and minimizing deployment costs through automated test generation and efficient development practices.

Codifai is an SDLC productivity improvement tool for Developers.

Verifai is an SDLC productivity improvement tool for Testers.

RiskTech.AI Accelerators

Our RiskTech.AI solutions are designed to automate and boost processes for better risk identification, management and mitigation, across five critical business areas: supply chain, climate, regulatory implementation, KYC, and IT/cybersecurity risk.

Learn more about RiskTech.AI

Our Timeline in AI

Synechron Neo Accelerators (AI solutions for financial services): Our first set of AI-powered accelerators
Client implementation – for six major insurers – of underwriting assistant tools, and submission processing (leveraging NLP and risk management solutions)
AI Accelerators toolkit for insurance: Our second set of accelerators, focused on underwriting process automation and assistance

Client solution for a major global bank: A state-of-the-art LLM-based solution for LIBOR transition
Client solution for the US insurance industry: An AI & NLP-based insurance document processing system to accelerate and improve client onboarding
Client solution for a US investment bank: Successful delivery of our first GenAI tools for financial services

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