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We created a Data Monetization toolkit to unlock the true value of data

Synechron’s proprietary FinLabs serve as innovation hubs. We invest the time and conduct the research necessary to understand clients’ most pressing business challenges. Our experts then strategize cutting-edge technologies to solve these challenges.  

We promote innovative ways to drive business efficiencies, support enhanced operations and accelerate their digital transformation. We ideate, engineer, and implement operational platforms, digital applications, and data science tools to empower the businesses we work with.  

Key Benefits of Our Solutions

Let your data work for you

Data Marketplace & Clean Rooms For Portfolio Analytics

Data Marketplace & Clean Rooms For Portfolio Analytics

A platform enabling banks and financial institutions, together with their clients and partners, to explore internal & external data and shop for important data via a data-assets-as-a-service paid offering. Data is then loaded into a spun-up cloud-hosted clean room to derive enhanced insights for clients’ portfolio analytics models, with all rooms wiped clean after use.
  • Data ingestion framework, pipeline orchestration, data fabric layer 
  • Unified layer for Application Programming interfaces
  • Data governance and data fabric layer
  • Data Mesh for data discovery and exchange
  • A usage-based Data Marketplace repository
Merchant Recommendations

Merchant Recommendations

A program enabling banks and Payment Processors to provide to their Merchant clients key, customized market insights and business intelligence about their consumers’ spending trends, buying preferences, shopping locations and more, based on payment data. Data-driven actionable views enable development of highly customized offerings to Merchant clients.
  • Merging of Merchant client transaction data with payment data for insights
  • Helping small- to medium-sized Merchants better target customers
  • Navigate the complexities of data privacy/ ownership/ confidentiality
  • Obtain high quality, best value and insights from data in real-time
Fraud Operational Intelligence

Fraud Operational Intelligence

A subscription-based tool for banks and other financial services organizations to share ingested, collected and summarized fraud cases, incident reports and fraudulent activities in near-real time with other banks, organizations and regulators. Fraud data is monetized while proactively working to prevent similar future fraud incidents/ scammers.
  • Identify, collect and share fraudulent activity in near-real-time
  • Inter-bank intelligence sharing to limit scale ups
  • Enables traditional and neo banks to subscribe to feeds
  • Data science-led tools within an Operational Intelligence Platform
Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness

Facilitates retirement plan and wealth advisors to better guide retirement plan participants and individuals with a self-service client tool to enhance personalized discussions about future retirement goals, needs and scenarios. The customizable, interactive application includes predictive analytics and future financial forecasting to enable deeper interactions, recommendations and suggestions for accumulation/spending.
  • Transforms financial planning into personalized Financial Wellness
  • Self-service application and visualization provides for enhanced discussions
  • Leverages data science tools to complement/validate personal data
  • Participants model personal future scenarios with future forecasting

Monetize your data

Explore and implement key strategies to monetize your data through new technologies, techniques and evolving services that will develop new revenue-building products/services and business channel enhancements. Transform your data into useable intelligence that will greatly benefit your customers.

Expand client offerings

Enhance advanced data-driven service and product offerings to clients in areas of Asset Management, Merchant Services, Retirement Advisory and Transaction Fraud through future-looking solutions. Become the business provider of choice for your clients whom they turn to for value-added innovations.

Help thwart fraud

Identify, collect and anonymize Transaction fraud reports, then share them as operational intelligence with other banks and regulators. Generate an additional revenue stream by sharing fraud data on subscription basis with other banks, all while thwarting similar fraudulent activity in the market.

Evolve retirement tools

Fill individual retirement planning gaps with personalized, self-service tools that inspire discussions of goals, spending, saving and ‘what if’ scenarios. Customizable interfaces, plus forecasting and predictive analysis, create Financial Wellness awareness and enhance Retirement Advisors’ role.

Wondering how you can join our innovation initiatives?

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More Accelerator Programs

Synechron Nexus Plus Accelerators

Five AI-led solutions engineered to tackle some of the most pressing business and operational challenges faced by corporates today, ensuring significant advancements in capital raising, corporate development, and public ownership.

  • Earnings Analyzer
  • Company Filings
  • Credit Memo Generation
  • Legal Agreement Wizard
  • LLM (Large Language Model) Sandbox

Synechron Nexus AI Solutions

Combining human and AI creativity, our suite of AI products streamlines services, and provides insights and efficiencies to business at scale. Synechron Nexus encompass three value streams:

Business Growth to Ignite Innovation

AI powered innovative and practical applications that augment human capabilities and enhance client operations.

Operational Efficiency to Elevate Excellence

AI operational efficiency solutions to streamline processes, reduce manual intervention and costs and boost quality.

Developer Productivity to Accelerate Development Speed and Efficiency

Optimizing project timelines and minimizing deployment costs through automated test generation and efficient development practices.

RiskTech.AI Accelerators

Artificial Intelligence-enhanced solutions designed to automate and boost efficiencies of processes for better risk identification, management and mitigation across five critical and impactful business areas: supply chain, climate, regulatory implementation, KYC, and IT/cybersecurity risks.

  • Supply Chain Risk Insights
  • Climate Risk Stress Test and Analysis (CRiSTAL)
  • Regulatory Implementation Optimizer
  • KYC Risk Investigator
  • IT Risk and Control Contextualizer (iTRACC)