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Solution Architecture & Design

Providing leading edge platform, application solution architecture and design that enable our clients to stay relevant with industry standards, best practices, and be future compliant.

Greenfield Solutioning

Bringing cutting-edge solutioning for new requirements using the best in architecture, data, service and design patterns, while complying with business architecture and security requirements.

  • Requirement Modeling 
  • Architecture analysis 
  • Prototyping/POC  
  • Architecture Principles Detailing/Layout/Solutioning 

Application Modernization

Solutioning the next generation application architecture to bring it in line with the enterprise architecture using the latest architectural principles.

  • Application assessment and classification
  • Gap analysis
  • To be architecture
  • Information/Security/Disaster Recovery architecture

Innovation & Technology Evaluation

Evaluating new implementation of technologies and enterprise deployment. Building accelerators to combine technology and domain.

  • Research and strategy 
  • Rapid ideation and design 
  • Build vs. buy evaluation 
  • Beyond web and mobile channels 

Data Model Architecture

Building models and facilitating storytelling with data. Designing data architecture using modern concepts of streaming, messaging and batch processing.

  • Domain data modeling
  • Information architecture
  • Data modeling/analytics/migration/visualization
  • Data subscriptions

Cognitive & Intelligent Automation

Using Artificial Intelligence, Business Process Management and Robotic Process Automation to ingest, store and manipulate data in proper proportions to realize business improvement and achieve efficiencies.

Automation Consulting

Providing customized enterprise consulting for optimal automation requirements.

  • End-to-end automation strategy 
  • Envision customer journey 
  • Optimize operations to reduce cost 
  • Product evaluation & planning 

Managed Services

Strategically improving automation operations by providing expertise from conception through support and maintenance.

  • Center of Excellence development 
  • Automation roadmap & strategy 
  • Support & maintenance 
  • Implementation 

Software Engineering Services

Providing engineering expertise for process governance and digital transformation.

  • Business Process Management 
  • Robotic Process Automation 
  • Data & Analytics 
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning 

Monitoring and Tracking

Providing business intelligence and real-time data analytics. Establishing a series of metrics used to monitor automation progress, focusing on primary areas.

  • Real-time reporting 
  • Productivity tracking 
  • Resource & infrastructure utilization 

Quality Software Engineering & Automation

Offering customized services to meet all of the testing needs across domains, technologies, and applications. Creating centralized solutions that combine people, processes, tools, and infrastructure into a shared services function. Tangible business benefits include improved quality, faster time to market and reduced testing costs.

Domain-Focused Testing

Framework and test development customized for Banking Applications.

  • Data-driven domain testing 
  • Message-based testing 
  • Customized accelerators/tools 
  • Automated tools for audit & disclosures 

End-to-End Automation

Offering different types of testing to cover end-to-end automation.

  • UI, API, and application-based testing 
  • Mobile testing 
  • Performance testing 
  • Network, security & presentation testing 

Process and Governance

Facilitating a process-driven approach for QA automation.

  • Agile frameworks for automation programs 
  • Process definition, artifacts - templates and checklists 
  • Audits and standardization 
  • Real-time monitoring and reporting 

Innovation-led Approach

Implementing Automated Functional, Regression and Smoke Testing. Leveraging a Framework and Codeless approach for enterprise-level automation.

  • Shift left automation approach 
  • Behavior-driven tests 
  • RPA-led QA process 
  • Cognitive AI/ML techniques 

Microservices & API Development

Deploying cutting-edge microservices architecture-based development for scalable, robust solutions with end-to-end observability focused on integrating larger and complex applications. Revamping enterprise-level API development, migration, and maintenance.

Design & Plan

Designing resilient, scalable, interoperable, non-overlapping services.

  • Domain-driven design & cloud native 
  • Digitalization roadmap & application portfolio rationalization 
  • Loosely couple services 
  • Messaging, APIs, Gateways, and Meshes for interoperability 

Implement & Develop

Developing single responsibility microservices using the best-in-approach suitable microservices design patterns.

  • Single responsibility 
  • Fault tolerant 
  • Elasticity 
  • Orchestration 

Deployment & Hosting

Continuous integration & build for faster build process and test verifications. Cost-optimized, Automated & Reliable Deployments.

  • Scalable microservice and container orchestration 
  • Managed/serverless 
  • Continuous integration & deployment pipelines 
  • Track key insights - DORA metrics 

Supporting and Monitoring

Effectively tracking and monitoring service health and performance.

  • Performance monitoring 
  • Distributed tracing 
  • Anti-corruption layer - protecting domain models from intrusion 
  • Log visualizations 


Engaging a combination of software development and IT operations to reduce the time to market and increase efficiency. Enabling improved process automation and application delivery through collaborative environments.

Develop & Test

Using efficient agile development methodologies. 

  • Lean SDLC Practices 
  • Continuous integration and testing 
  • Operational readiness 
  • Release planning 

Build & Deploy

Enabling quick turnaround to the market by reducing delay and improving the rate of production releases.

  • On-demand infrastructure provisioning 
  • Continuous delivery 
  • Synthetic transactions 
  • AI Ops including outage prediction 

Operate & Assure

Using best practices to plan and measure business priorities, and ensuring controls to monitor and alert.

  • Knowledge & content management 
  • Monitoring/Alerts/Performance Analysis  
  • Cross functional and product trainings 
  • Disaster recovery 

Security & Data Operations

Transformation of development operations with security and data quality right from the initiation of the development lifecycle.

  • Security vulnerability coverage 
  • Data pipeline integration 
  • Data security at rest and in-transit 
  • Data replication and recovery 

Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

Employing best-in-class methods for extracting insights - streamlining automated decision-making processes. Our standards and practices are based on years of experience building high-performant Artificial Intelligence and Data Science solutions.

Automated Decision Making

Transforming businesses through better cost management and improved operational excellence. Assisting stakeholders to drive decisioning based on data.

  • Insights with strong domain understanding 
  • Linguistic analysis of text, speech, and embedded data using natural language processing 
  • Processing images, video, and OCR using computer vision 
  • Feedback control 

Analytics to Measure

Deriving metrics with the right insights from various business data points in order to identify failures and actions to predict accurate future insights.

  • Data mining 
  • Improved data realization 
  • Predictive and prescriptive analytics 
  • Anomaly detection 

Simulation and Modeling

Implementing Machine Learning model training, testing and operationalization.

  • Decision-making insight 
  • Scoring and classification 
  • Model continuous bias monitoring and control 
  • Model optimization and lifecycle management 

Productionizing Analytical Models

Designing a series of architectural principals that provide highly sought-after capabilities of Data Science models deployment and tracking in production.

  • Hot-swappable (support upgrade/downgrade on demand) 
  • Limited boot-up time for models 
  • Runtime trackability 

Systems Integration

We partner with industry-leading software providers to deliver end-to-end banking and trading solutions.


Delivering innovation, growth and excellence with Murex for over 20 years. As the first Murex Alliance partner since 2008, Synechron implements cutting edge, future proof, end to end systems integration to increase trading, and realize operational and IT efficiencies.

  • Implementation & Upgrades
  • Testing automation
  • Cloud & DevOps
  • Murex Academy

Calypso (Adenza)

Synechron is a Certified Global Alliance partner, working closely with Calypso (now Adenza) since 2006. We’ve successfully delivered a broad scope of Calypso services implementations and upgrades, application maintenance, testing teams and support services for financial institutions around the world.

  • Implementation & Upgrades
  • Test pack
  • Managed Services
  • Calypso Campus


Our Finastra teams work across 5 core banking/financial services offerings: Treasury & Capital Markets, Lending, Transaction Banking, Retail Banking and Payments. We are a Finastra InFusion Premier Select Partner for the FusionCapital and FusionBanking product suites where we support Summit, Sophis, LoanIQ, and TI+ as part of our partnership, including other key Finastra products Konsor+ and Opics.

Center of Excellence

Prima Solutions

Partners since 2014, Synechron and Prima Solutions work closely to implement the Prima Insure® suite of insurance products and functionalities for dozens of clients. We assist Prima in their projects and support with our development capabilities and our testing factory. Synechron’s Prima Solutions Center of Excellence launched in 2017.

Strategy & Implementation


Synechron is an implementation specialist of the Orchestrade Financial Systems platform, that bridges cross-asset, front-to-back trading and real-time risk management processes for banks, asset managers and hedge funds.

Streamlined Operations

Software Engineering Case Studies

Meet Our Software Engineering Team

Any successful business has to have the ‘right’ culture and the people in the business have to not only share that culture but to fully believe in it and demonstrate it in the way they conduct themselves and their business.

Nora Nonne

Nora Nonne


Engineering & Systems Integration

Akhlaque Khan

Akhlaque Khan


Enterprise Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, Process Engineering

Amit Joshi

Amit Joshi


Test Automation & Test Management

Atmaram Parameshwara

Atmaram Parameshwara


Software Engineering, Online Payments

Aditya Mishra

Aditya Mishra


Digital Transformation, Enterprise Architecture, Cloud Architecture

Jarno Droog

Jarno Droog


Program Delivery & Change Management

Madhu Mahipathy

Madhu Mahipathy


Software Engineering

Nachiket Sambare

Nachiket Sambare


Cloud Architecture, Microservices Architecture(MSA), DevOps

Nitish Srivastava

Nitish Srivastava


Applications Modernization and Digital Transformation

Shoeb Syed

Shoeb Syed


Software Project Management, Web Services

Tanmoy Chakraborty

Tanmoy Chakraborty


Emerging Technologies, Delivery Management

Petar Bjeljac

Petar Bjeljac


Software Engineering and Project Delivery

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