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Next-generation Payments

By closely monitoring the market and developing relevant solutions, we deliver outcomes in line with the latest industry trends.

Faster Payments or Real-time Payments Including the Adoption of ISO 20022

We have considerable experience working with customers across geographies, on real-time payment projects spanning schemes, API building and integration, message orchestration, ISO 20022 standard compliance, secured authentication mechanisms, digital overlay services, payment gateways, clearing, settlements, and more.

  • Business analysis
  • Regulatory compliance (NPP, MPS, UPI, etc.)
  • Automation and performance testing

Open Banking

Our comprehensive API services unlock the power of open banking. We also facilitate the secure sharing of data through third-party service providers, with our custom-created open banking framework.

  • Consent Management System using OAuth 2.0
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Automation and security testing

Digital Payments

Our digital banking and payments services, enable financial institutions to modernize their payments ecosystems. We help them introduce new-age technologies and solutions like digital wallets, mobile applications, cloud hosting, and the application of AI/ML for enhanced offerings.

  • Greater speed and convenience
  • Digital transformations
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We offer comprehensive services to help companies overcome a range of challenges and comply with reporting requirements, in the cards & payments domain.


Across the card issuing lifecycle we provide services that span digital offerings like e-wallets and mobile banking, payment security, fraud management, and compliance, risk & regulations.

Payment and Banking Platforms

We provide services across a wide range of prominent payment and banking platforms for card management, transaction switching, core banking, and fraud & risk.

  • VisionPLUS®, PRIME, WAY4, PowerCARD, FDR, TS2, CardPac® & CardLink®, Cadencie, CoreCard, TransWare, SmartVista®, Electra
  • Postilion®, BASE24®, IRIS, Authentic, CONNEX, IST
  • T24, Signature®
  • Falcon®, SAS® Fraud Management, FraudGuard®, Proactive Risk Manager™, TRIAD®


Across the switching lifecycle we offer services in switch application setup & implementation, transaction lifecycle management, terminal configuration & integration, and switching compliance, risk & regulations.

System Transformation

Whether it’s a legacy system conversion or digital transformation for cards and payments platforms, we cover both applications and infrastructure.

  • Application migration
  • Portfolio migration
  • Data center migration
  • System upgrades


Across the acquiring lifecycle, our services range from clearing and settlement to dispute management and digital offerings like mobile POS to compliance, risk & regulations.


Our modern approach to mainframe development includes the continuous evolution of mainframe technology for cards and payments.

  • Core competencies in legacy mainframes
  • Modernization services
  • Performance benchmarking & tuning

Core Banking Services

We provide services for retail, corporate, and digital banking across various channels.

Enhancing Operations, Processes, and Offerings

Our services span consulting, business analysis, strategy, solution implementation, and comprehensive testing. We also cover faster and ACH payments as well as banking compliance, risk & regulations.

  • Complete system parameters audit
  • Detailed review of product and policy documents
  • End-state documentation for consumer banking products
modern data solutions

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Aravind Irodi

Aravind Irodi

Head of Payments Practices


Harish Nair

Harish Nair

Head of Delivery for Payments


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