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Synechron Enhances Financial Risk Identification and Mitigation With New Artificial Intelligence-empowered RiskTech.AI Accelerators Program

Synechron Enhances Financial Risk Identification and Mitigation With New Artificial Intelligence-empowered RiskTech.AI Accelerators Program

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Posted on 26th October 2023

Synechron, a leading global digital transformation consulting firm focused on the financial services and big technology organizations, announced today the launch of its RiskTech.AI Accelerators program . The program offers a suite of five solutions that strategically integrate cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) or Generative AI (“GenAI”) tools to enable Synechron’s clients to rapidly and efficiently identify, understand, address and mitigate critical modern business risks.

These innovative solutions were designed to allow organizations to determine the likelihood of potential business and loan portfolio risks/losses across several areas. Specific, targeted risks include supply chain problem risks, climate-related risks, regulatory implementation and change management processes risks, Know Your Customer (“KYC”) investigations, and IT vulnerability and cybersecurity risks.

This is the 11th Accelerators program that Synechron has launched since its Blockchain Accelerators debuted in September 2016.

The new RiskTech.AI Accelerators program was crafted through the collaboration of Synechron’s digital technology innovation team members and its deep domain experts, working together across 13 global Financial Innovation Labs (“FinLabs”) that serve as innovation hubs. These AI-powered risk solutions were developed to respond to the growing need across multiple financial services organizations to raise the bar on better ways to tackle increasing risk challenges, greatly aided by leveraging advanced AI techniques and methodologies. Synechron’s RiskTech.AI accelerator solutions were crafted to automate and drive more efficient and cost-saving processes for use within a firm’s rapid risk mitigation efforts.

The new, future-forward and fully customizable set of RiskTech.AI Accelerators program solutions includes:

  • Supply Chain Risk Insights – An application that utilizes AI to enable risk managers of loan portfolios to better visualize, interpret, contextualize and manage supply chain vulnerabilities and risks of public corporations.
  • Climate Risk Stress Test and Analysis (“CRiSTAL”) – A comprehensive platform for financial institutions to discover and manage climate risk vulnerabilities and exposures within their existing lending portfolios.
  • Regulatory Implementation Optimizer – GenAI tooling for regulatory change management and compliance risk management.
  • KYC Risk Investigator – An enhanced, multi-functional KYC due diligence evaluative solution empowered with AI tools and GenAI to boost KYC analysts’ efficiency and reduce associated costs while identifying potential risks.
  • IT Risk and Control Contextualizer (“iTRACC”) – An application automating data integration, workflow and leveraging advanced analytics and machine learning AI models-rich tooling, built around an IT risk control/calculation platform, to identify, prioritize and manage IT and cybersecurity risks.

Faisal Husain, Synechron’s Co-founder and CEO, said of the launch of the RiskTech.AI Accelerators program, “As big believers in the power of advanced technologies, we’re pleased to have developed our new RiskTech.AI Accelerators program. It features critical new approaches and imbedded AI-enriched innovations to help organizations identify, prioritize and quickly respond to business risk stressors.”

Sandeep Kumar, Head of Synechron’s FinLabs and Accelerators programs, commented, “Multiple risks can have a severe financial impact and lingering business consequences for financial services firms. We have responded with a new set of RiskTech.AI Accelerators – advanced technological innovations that can assist businesses to find, gauge the possible depth and breadth of, and quickly respond to important risks.”

About Synechron

At Synechron, we believe in the power of digital to transform businesses for the better. Our global consulting firm combines creativity and innovative technology to deliver industry-leading digital solutions. Synechron’s progressive technologies and optimization strategies span end-to-end Artificial Intelligence, Consulting, Digital, Data, Cloud & DevOps, and Software Engineering, servicing an array of noteworthy financial services and technology firms. Through research and development initiatives in our FinLabs we develop solutions for modernization, from Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain to Data Science models, Digital Underwriting, mobile-first applications and more. Over the last 20+ years, our company has been honored with multiple employer awards, recognizing our commitment to our talented teams. With top clients to boast about, Synechron has a global workforce of 14,500+, and has 44 offices in 19 countries within key global markets. For more information on the company, please visit our website or LinkedIn community.

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