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Credit Origination and Servicing

Our banking clients often find challenges around one-size-fits-all manual and siloed processes. There are revenue generating opportunities in solving heavily regulated issues with integrated solutions and complex customer legal structures.

Integrated transformation

  • Faster turnaround times for an enhanced client and user experience, higher productivity and increased revenue
  • Dynamic, risk-adjusted processes and automation, that increase coverage with fewer resources
  • Optimized limits management, enhanced risk management, and standardized policies
  • Proactive monitoring of the likelihood of default, based on measured changes in client behaviour.

Structured credit assessment

Redesigning open-ended risk analysis, across multiple credit analysts and officers, into a structured digital questionnaire:

  • Translating free text fields into a structured questionnaire
  • Dynamic questions, by client profile, industry, segment, and risk.

Proactive monitoring

  • Proactive client behaviour-led monitoring
  • Credit-event driven alerts, supported by machine learning models that flag the likelihood of default, before it happens.

Automated data sourcing and pre-population

Simplify the employee journey by eliminating manual processes, with:

  • Automated checks on client eligibility for data population.
  • A seamless pull of data from relevant databases.
  • Internal from application databases and data stores across the enterprise.
  • External from industry, bureau and news alerts.
  • Multiple sources of benefits faster turnaround times, an improved employee and client experience, and higher revenue.

AI guided credit decisioning engine

Design and implement machine learning models, based on historical decisions, for credit insights and decisions that highlight positive and negative contributing factors:

  • Pre-approvals: Early view of approval likelihood used to offer pre-approval to client
  • Credit optimization: Reduce overallocation of loan facilities with riskweighted decisions
  • Health check: Quality of analyst submission will reduce turnaround time and labor
  • Turnaround time and labor cost: Reduce handoffs between risk and business areas from 20 to 2 days
  • Consistent assessment: Human and machine assessment to reduce the risk of inconsistent policies.

Cash Management

Our solutions deliver across the five integrated pillars of real-time payments: balances; foreign exchange; cash concentration; and forecasts – and are built upon the foundations of strong data management. 


The Liquify accelerator aims to solve the technical challenges of real-time cash management.

  • Forecasting involves monitoring cash flow and event patterns across all bank accounts and clients, to generate predictive insights, at a granular level, to help treasury teams optimise their cash management.
  • Open Banking’s progress in real-time payments, account balances and foreign exchange has enabled a new generation of orchestrated API solutions for complex multi-banked customers.
  • Liquify delivers a dynamic cash sweeps capability, using predictive AI to generate the maximum and minimum cash thresholds, and also generates ‘next best action’ recommendations in response to global events and peer aggregates.

Payments Data Platform (PDP)

The PDP is the foundational mesh for the data-driven decisioning in Synechron’s Liquify ‘Treasury-as-a-Service vision’. This vision aims to deliver nextgeneration, real-time, cash management. The PDP enables real-time data analytics, whilst overcoming the major data challenges for an implementation for multi-bank and multinational clients, in particular those of:

  • Data residency and localization
  • Preparation of modular data assets for analytics
  • Federated data governance, machine learning models and visualization.

Industry Expert

Tim Coates

Tim Coates

Head of APAC Digital at Synechron.


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