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Tech modernization

We accelerate the execution of application and infrastructure modernization efforts, build out APIs and leverage cloud-first as a strategy.

Systems and security

We build agile systems, operations and infrastructure integration capabilities that comply with the latest global certifications:

  • Our 3,000+ insurance specialists are LOMA, CPCU, AINS and ASPPA certified. 
  • We're SOC 2 compliant, meaning we have the highest standards for data privacy, security, and protected health information. 

Frameworks and platform engineering

We provide frameworks for governance and the execution of integration projects.

  • We deliver no code and low code platforms for insurers to build modular product ecosystems. 

Omni-channel access

We execute application consolidation, legacy infrastructure and application migration:

  • We use cloud infrastructure and deploy API gateways for omni-channel access. 
  • Our integrated sales channels deliver a seamless, real-time customer journey.

Prebuilt solutions and partnerships

We understand the risks and opportunities that digital technology creates for leveraging insurance investment, and channel and delivery partnerships.

Prebuilt solutions

We deliver prebuilt solutions, leveraging our skills and partnerships – including core systems, execution frameworks and accelerators – for the roll out of new insurance products and services.

Proprietary solutions

We create internal proprietary solutions for insurance companies.


We leverage our extensive external solutions and InsurTech partnerships.


We acquire new assets, capabilities and skills through M&A activity in the insurance space.

Business Model Transformation

Whether it’s Life, Health, General Insurance, Property and Casualty, or Reinsurance, we understand the needs of end customers.

Digital technology

With innovation that centers on the insurance industry, our digital technology enables business model transformation, including a shift from selling products to selling services.

Consulting capabilities

Our consulting capabilities help our clients understand the technology drivers of business change and build the confidence among their teams to provide a strategic vision and roadmap for this change.

Consulting first

This approach sets business strategy, then executes on multi-year technology programs that deliver specific business outcomes.

Digital Transformation

We’re industry specialists across the entire insurance value chain, specializing in business process optimization and digital transformation.

Process mining technology

We leverage process mining technology to create immediate operations optimization value. 

New technology

We use the latest technology, including Cloud, Data and Analytics, AI, Machine Learning and other emerging innovations, to streamline insurance processes.

Industry Experts

Nilesh Tambe

Senior Director


Amlesh Kulkarni

Senior Director Technology


Prabhakar Srinivasan

Director Technology


Milind Desai

Director Technology


Meghna Saikia

Director Business Analyst


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