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Synechron to Provide a Cross-Asset, Fully Integrated Calypso Treasury Management Solution to ArcelorMittal

Synechron to Provide a Cross-Asset, Fully Integrated Calypso Treasury Management Solution to ArcelorMittal

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Posted on 07th July 2021

Synechron, Inc., a leading digital transformation consulting firm and a specialist in Systems Integration for the financial services industry globally, was chosen to deliver a complete, straight-through-processing, single treasury management platform solution to ArcelorMittal. Synechron will provide the full system implementation, with support from the delivery team at Calypso Technology Inc. This Greenfield Calypso platform implementation will completely revamp ArcelorMittal’s legacy system and will become the core of its new information system for ArcelorMittal Treasury. Synechron’s delivery of this new platform will enable front-to-back processing for Commodities, Forex and Money Market products.

ArcelorMittal is the world’s leading steel and mining company and the largest corporate treasury in France. Calypso is the leading provider of cloud-enabled capital markets and investment management platforms.

ArcelorMittal desired a Front-to-Back treasury solution for the management of its complete end-to-end treasury needs With the selection of Synechron to handle the implementation of the software within the Calypso platform, ArcelorMittal will enhance and automate its Treasury and trading operations, including Trade Booking, Pricing Analytics, compliance and limits monitoring, and risk management. The project is expected to result in a more efficient management of, and enhanced support for, its worldwide treasury requirements as it will be the core of the new information system of ArcelorMittal Treasury.

“We are pleased to have been chosen as the premier provider and implementation specialist company for ArcelorMittal’s upgraded and enhanced Treasury system built on the Calypso platform,” said Jerome Plainchault, Head of the Synechron Calypso Center of Excellence, Synechron Paris. “With our long-standing expertise, developed through our well-recognized Calypso Center of Excellence, we look forward to delivering expanded capabilities and greatly accelerate the company’s Treasury operations.”

Speaking on this occasion, Synechron’s Senior Director, Head of Systems Integration, Jawad Cherkaoui, said “Synechron is proud to have been selected by ArcelorMittal on this ambitious Calypso project. Current health and sanitary conditions are driving an entirely remote project at this stage, facilitated by Synechron’s extensive mix-shore project experience, particularly Franco-Serbian. Close collaboration with Calypso and ArcelorMittal will be an essential key to the success of the overall project.”

Synechron offers the market a unique combination of end-to-end services including business and technology services consulting and systems integration.

About Synechron

Synechron is a leading digital transformation consulting firm focused on the financial services industry and is working to Accelerate Digital initiatives for banks, asset managers, and insurance companies around the world. Synechron uniquely delivers these firms end-to-end Digital, Consulting and Technology capabilities with expertise in wholesale banking, wealth management and insurance as well as emerging technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science. The company is present in 17 locations around the globe and across key financial markets, with over 13,000 employees producing $570.9M in annual revenue. For more information on the company, please visit our LinkedIn community.

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