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Technical Consulting, Software Engineering


Rationalized portfolio of applications for Front-, Back- and Middle-office users


  • Architected & built virtual trading floor 
  • Seamlessly migrated end users   
  • Elimination of operational risk 
  • Simplified and optimized processes 
  • Delivered complex project on time, on budget and to satisfaction 


We conducted a detailed assessment of all desktop configurations and created an inventory of over 8,000+ applications and relevant versions across the firm and we assisted with the in-house migration project.

The client required assistance for over 3,800 desktops facing a finite operating system sunset with several deadlines already missed, along with a challenging lack of buy-in from users.

Our Process

We scoped the objectives/challenges of the project, defined key user groups and their roles/needs, then devised and standardized application packages that enabled the system migration, while eliminating operational risk across for the firm.

Strategic Priorities

We defined the project’s scope and objectives, identified key drivers, constraints, and stakeholders, and then finalized our strategy and a persona-led development approach along with the creation of a precise project roadmap. 

Persona Profiling

We defined user persona groups and Workstyles by capturing user stories. We created mapping to personas to drive practical end user experience improvements. This enabled better understanding of user needs to target them with IT, communications & training. 

Capability & Product Roadmap

We identified required capabilities, products and services aligned to each persona group, and defined the sequence/priorities. We implemented a strategic delivery roadmap to improve customer experience, reduce the number of supported applications from 8,000 to 1,000, and cut the new desktop provisioning time to 40 minutes from eight hours.

Business Consulting/Technology

Solution Architecture

  • Elicited functional/non-functional design requirements 
  • Defined user personas and mapped to requirements 
  • Architected a high security virtual trading floor environment (desktop & voice) 
  • Designed business continuity solution 
  • Designed and managed user migration plan 

Target Operating Model

  • Vision and strategy definition 
  • Set key performance metrics/Service Level Agreements 
  • Defined Roles and Responsibilities 
  • Set organizational structure  
  • Governance and reporting lines 
  • Repeatable processes 


  • App-V 
  • Citrix 
  • Liquidware Labs 
  • VMWare ESX 
  • VMWare Horizon 
  • VMWare ThinApp 

We successfully carried out an enterprise transformation by mitigating operational risk for our client across Front-, Back- & Middle-office roles. We sought buy-in from all relevant stakeholders – from desktop users to IT support personnel. We ensured all risks relevant to the end-of-life desktop operating system were mitigated. 

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