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We created a Digital Ecosystems solutions toolkit to enable co-participation in the customer value chain

Synechron’s proprietary FinLabs serve as innovation hubs. We invest the time and conduct the research necessary to understand clients’ most pressing business challenges. Our experts then strategize cutting-edge technologies to solve these challenges.

We promote innovative ways to drive business efficiencies, support enhanced operations and accelerate their digital transformation. We ideate, engineer, and implement operational platforms, digital applications, and data science tools to empower the businesses we work with.

Key Benefits of Our Solutions

Co-implement your digital products and services

Digital Home Ownership

Digital Home Ownership

Provides a unified, shared digital platform across a network of homeowner-related distributed participants – banks, insurers, utility companies, security and service firms -- to produce shared value-added services across a variety of financial and non-financial needs, throughout the home ownership lifecycle.
  • User-friendly dashboard using conversational AI, Voice and Virtual Reality
  • One-stop, digital platform for financial/non-financial home needs/tasks
  • Predictive analytics, behavioral analysis, data collection for new service models
  • Create constant engagement with the customer across multiple partners
Sustainable Finance Investments

Sustainable Finance Investments

Enables investors to generate end-user configured stranded asset risk scenarios to simulate the future stock price impact of a low-carbon transition economy. Users will be able to identify alpha-generating possibilities that align with their impact investment objectives.
  • API-based solution via Wealth Management platform or PaaS service
  • Data Science, business logic, and user-generated profiles drive aggregated ESG data
  • User-targeted questions, news and watchlists drive models
  • Reliable business and emissions data collected by Sustainalytics
Treasury-as-a-Service Open Banking Accelerator

Treasury-as-a-Service Open Banking Accelerator

An API-enabled, secure, closed-based Ecosystem automates the bank's Treasury, liquidity, and cash management tasks across several, segmented departments within a business division. This enables banks to create "Treasury-as-a-Service" (TaaS) platforms for clients, resulting in the creation of a new revenue-generating business model.
  • Creates an API-enabled Ecosystem to automate a bank’s Treasury services
  • Brings APIs into a microservices layer then pushed into an API Gateway
  • Transfer money to/from a counterparty account
  • APIs are fungible and can be changed without major structural changes
Margin Call Automation Network on Symphony

Margin Call Automation Network on Symphony

The Margin Call Automation Network on Symphony is a workflow, dual bots engine developed on top of the secure inter-firm communications platform for automated margin call management with fit-for-purpose infrastructure across the middle office.
  • Symphony communications platform enables automation and AI
  • Message from either counterparty interpreted via NLP to trigger margin call
  • Process automation bot runs margin call calculations
  • FX valuations run on a periodic frequency or ad-hoc to view under/over coverage
Smart Desktop Interoperability on OpenFin

Smart Desktop Interoperability on OpenFin

Synechron’s Smart Desktop Interoperability on OpenFin Accelerator provides a framework for accelerating enterprise-scale digital transformation across business applications. The Accelerator uses four of Synechron’s Wealth Tech Accelerator applications that are siloed, unconnected solutions. This accelerator uses OpenFin to quickly bridge across these complementary apps to mimic a potential user’s Ecosystem.
  • Common HTML 5 message bus to pass data between applications
  • App Store to set up and manage applications
  • Notification engine shared by applications for aggregation without integration
  • Services delivered to desktop via the OpenFin Cloud or on-prem equivalent source

Advance digital ops

Deploy cutting edge technology-driven solutions for current manually-intensive cohesive partnering with other service/product providers using APIs and Data Science components through a digitally-connected ecosystem.

Set digital integration

Build proprietary customer profiles, foster greater customer engagement and provide expanded services through implementation of an array of targeted products/services offered as part of a network of key co-participants and top-notch firms through digital integration.

Automate key processes

Automate, improve and expand vital Treasury services across cash management liquidity, data aggregation and reporting upgrades via Open Banking, as well as automate Margin Call services using RPA, NLP over a cyber-secure, encrypted channel.

Tap digital efficiency

Speed digital transformation for enhanced financial desktop user experiences and easier communication between programs with browser-agnostic flexibility and mobility, frequent OS updates, and instant app installation.

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More Accelerator Programs

Synechron Nexus Plus Accelerators

Five AI-led solutions engineered to tackle some of the most pressing business and operational challenges faced by corporates today, ensuring significant advancements in capital raising, corporate development, and public ownership.

  • Earnings Analyzer
  • Company Filings
  • Credit Memo Generation
  • Legal Agreement Wizard
  • LLM (Large Language Model) Sandbox

Synechron Nexus AI Solutions

Combining human and AI creativity, our suite of AI products streamlines services, and provides insights and efficiencies to business at scale. Synechron Nexus encompass three value streams:

Business Growth to Ignite Innovation

AI powered innovative and practical applications that augment human capabilities and enhance client operations.

Operational Efficiency to Elevate Excellence

AI operational efficiency solutions to streamline processes, reduce manual intervention and costs and boost quality.

Developer Productivity to Accelerate Development Speed and Efficiency

Optimizing project timelines and minimizing deployment costs through automated test generation and efficient development practices.

RiskTech.AI Accelerators

Artificial Intelligence-enhanced solutions designed to automate and boost efficiencies of processes for better risk identification, management and mitigation across five critical and impactful business areas: supply chain, climate, regulatory implementation, KYC, and IT/cybersecurity risks.

  • Supply Chain Risk Insights
  • Climate Risk Stress Test and Analysis (CRiSTAL)
  • Regulatory Implementation Optimizer
  • KYC Risk Investigator
  • IT Risk and Control Contextualizer (iTRACC)