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We created an Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions toolkit (Neo) to solve business challenges and re-architect optimal business processes.

Synechron's proprietary FinLabs serve as innovation hubs. We invest the time and conduct the research necessary to understand client's most pressing business challenges. Our experts then strategize cutting-edge technologies to solve these challenges.

We promote innovative ways to drive business efficiencies, support enhanced operations and accelerate their digital transformation. We ideate, engineer, and implement operational platforms, digital applications, and data science tools to empower the businesses we work with.

Key Benefits of Our Solutions

Dramatically enhance business operations

Natural Language Processing and Generation (NLP/NLG)

Natural Language Processing and Generation (NLP/NLG)

Leverages AI to understand written/spoken human language, as well as extract/analyze/convert composite data sets, and automate complex tasks for trading analysis and reporting. Balances technology and human intervention for extracting data from corporate reports to feed analysis, increase accuracy, and standardize operations.
  • Built-in data analysis and text generation for financial insights
  • Streamlines process automation, enhancing productivity and efficiency
  • Real-time, accurate data delivery for informed decision-making
  • Automated financial advice for improved customer experience
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Brings the precision of robotics to the financial sector. Combines RPA with advanced AI technologies such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and NLP/NLG to automate manual tasks and optimize processes. Strengthens compliance, accuracy, and customer experience. Integrates varied tech frameworks to ensure alignment with business strategies and regulatory requirements.
  • Streamlines client onboarding/KYC, margin call management, pitchbooks
  • Uses intelligent automation for structured/unstructured documents
  • Improves data accuracy and auditability
  • Comprehensive rules engine tailored for financial operations
Cognitive Machine Learning

Cognitive Machine Learning

Tackles the complexities of financial data analysis and predictions. Advanced machine learning (ML) techniques, combined with NLP, address intricate liquidity, pricing, and risk management challenges in financial institutions. Streamlines intra-day liquidity calculations, enhances data collection and analysis, and significantly improves the predictability and reliability of financial data.
  • Automates liquidity and collateral management processes
  • Enhances valuation of illiquid OTC products for improved trading outcomes
  • Intelligent portfolio management and product recommendation for fixed income instruments
  • Integrates with real-time market data for accurate predictions
Data Science

Data Science

Leverages data science methods to transform vast amounts of structured and unstructured data into actionable insights. Advanced techniques like ML, predictive analysis, and NLP provide customer insights, product recommendations, and combat financial fraud/ money laundering. Enables analysis of data patterns, development of customer programs, and data-driven decision-making. Addresses challenges in mortgage default risk, AML, and fraud detection.
  • Comprehensive data analysis for pattern identification
  • Enhances customer insight through integrated data sources
  • Predictive modeling for risk and fraud detection
  • Tailored product recommendation engine for strategic sales


Enhances customer engagement for banking, insurance, investments, and loan services. The omnichannel Application Programming Interface (API) integrates seamlessly across various channels for a comprehensive chatbot service. Combines AI, NLP, and ML to provide personalized and efficient existing/prospective customer experiences, or employee support. Enables secure transactions, product onboarding, and access to information.
  • Wide channel integration for versatile customer engagement
  • Conversations and responses bespoke to individual user preferences
  • Quickly accesses information from extensive databases
  • Improves employee support by evolving with each interaction


RoboInvestor™ uses sophisticated algorithms for a fully- or assisted-automation platform for customized asset allocation, investment/portfolio management, tax/retirement, and estate planning for financial/wealth advisors and clients. Bridges the gap between traditional financial advisory services and modern technology, making wealth management accessible to a broad audience.
  • Automated asset allocation using advanced algorithms
  • Accessible investment planning for a wide swath of investors
  • Hybrid technology integrates human advisors for complex advice
  • Intuitive interface for simplified investing and portfolio management

Drive innovation in financial analysis

Harness the power of Cognitive ML and NLP/NLG/ML to accelerate deep financial analysis and forecasting. Gain access to unparalleled insights into market trends, liquidity management, and asset allocation to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving financial landscape.

Revolutionize customer engagement

Implement cutting-edge AI and NLP technologies to transform customer experiences. Offer intuitive, personalized customer service and financial guidance. Enhance customer satisfaction and open new avenues for engaging with diverse clients.

Automate and optimize business processes

Leverage advanced automation tools to streamline operations. Enhance efficiency, reduce human error, and enable allocations of resources to more pressing tasks. Utilize AI automation to forecast future market trends and customer behaviors — revealing patterns and insights that inform strategic business decisions.

Empower informed investment decisions

Use Robo-Advisors and ML solutions to provide sophisticated, data-driven investment decisions. Democratize financial advisory services, making them accessible to a wider audience while also offering personalized, high-touch experiences. Cater to a broader market spectrum with varying levels of investment expertise.

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More Accelerator Programs

Synechron Nexus Plus Accelerators

Five AI-led solutions engineered to tackle some of the most pressing business and operational challenges faced by corporates today, ensuring significant advancements in capital raising, corporate development, and public ownership.

  • Earnings Analyzer
  • Company Filings
  • Credit Memo Generation
  • Legal Agreement Wizard
  • LLM (Large Language Model) Sandbox

Synechron Nexus AI Solutions

Combining human and AI creativity, our suite of AI products streamlines services, and provides insights and efficiencies to business at scale. Synechron Nexus encompass three value streams:

Business Growth to Ignite Innovation

AI powered innovative and practical applications that augment human capabilities and enhance client operations.

Operational Efficiency to Elevate Excellence

AI operational efficiency solutions to streamline processes, reduce manual intervention and costs and boost quality.

Developer Productivity to Accelerate Development Speed and Efficiency

Optimizing project timelines and minimizing deployment costs through automated test generation and efficient development practices.

RiskTech.AI Accelerators

Artificial Intelligence-enhanced solutions designed to automate and boost efficiencies of processes for better risk identification, management and mitigation across five critical and impactful business areas: supply chain, climate, regulatory implementation, KYC, and IT/cybersecurity risks.

  • Supply Chain Risk Insights
  • Climate Risk Stress Test and Analysis (CRiSTAL)
  • Regulatory Implementation Optimizer
  • KYC Risk Investigator
  • IT Risk and Control Contextualizer (iTRACC)