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Calypso Center of Excellence

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Launched in 2015, Synechron maintains a Calypso Center of Excellence to bring together and strengthen our Calypso skills, as well as expand our service offerings to customers. This expert network features experienced Calypso business analysts, technical analysts, architects, quality assurance analysts and support resources with deep platform knowledge, as well as hands-on consultants with a solid understanding of common issues and obstacles – and best practices for overcoming them.

Our full-coverage capability
Synechron is a Certified Global Calypso Alliance Partner and has worked closely with Calypso teams since 2006.

Synechron has delivered successfully a broad scope of Calypso services for a diverse group of financial institutions around the world. Whether it is implementations and upgrades or application maintenance, testing team or support services, we’ve helped organizations achieve their goals through a range of delivery models and offerings, including Time & Material, Fixed Price, and Managed Services.

With our large pool of Business Analysts, Technical Analysts, Quality Assurance Analysts and Support Analysts, Synechron can handle projects of any size. We can deliver from on-shore, near-shore, off-shore or a mixed combination of locations to optimize project price and resource availability.

Our full-coverage capability approach uniquely allows Synechron to provide a strategic Calypso Technology roadmap that tactfully addresses our clients’ unique challenges through flexible project management and delivery models.

Calypso Campus
Using our in-house Calypso experts, we run a comprehensive training program across all profiles to meet our customers’ specific needs when optimizing their Calypso platforms. We continuously are gathering, validating and expanding our growing IT inventory of our consultants’ best practices, based on real-world financial industry deployments and common capital markets challenges. This collective knowledge has been assembled by our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and adapted into training materials, which provide the core of our Calypso Campus.