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Designing AI-powered solutions to unlock the power of your data

Data is revolutionizing the financial services sector. But understanding how to tap into and leverage that data, is key in generating not only profitability but achieving the next level of transformation for your business.

Since 2019, Synechron and Squirro have been working together across Financial Services (FS) with Corporate and Institutional Banks (CIBs) as well as global Insurers, to help them unlock the power of information by leveraging Augmented Intelligence. Together, we utilize data-driven insights and recommendations to bring our clients understanding and their interactions to the next level, turning costly data into new opportunities.

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How we deliver value for financial services

In partnering with Synechron and Squirro, financial institutions will stand to benefit from working with a leading professional services firm to achieve their data-orientated goals whilst leveraging Squirro’s Augmented Intelligence solutions. Together, our clients stand to reap the benefits of:

Laser focused Delivery

Cutting-edge technology  

Squirro’s for Corporate Financial Services AI-driven solution offers deep analytic power, taking in structured and unstructured data to generate new insights.


With Synechron’s onshore, nearshore (Serbia), and offshore (India) capabilities, we can scale Squirro’s solutions across our 22 global locations in North America, Europe, Middle East, and APAC.

An Innovation First Mindset

Financial Services expertise  

As an IT consulting firm solely dedicated to Financial Services industry, Synechron has a deep understanding of the sector, spanning over 20 years of delivering enterprise-level engagements for leading financial institutions.

Synechron and Squirro are able to help financial institutions by delivering a deeper understanding of their clients, market conditions, and crucially, potential opportunities – all at scale.

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Stay ahead and enhance your clients’ experience with Augmented Intelligence

Financial services institutions have all the data they could ever need; however, up to 99% of it is never used. Squirro's Augmented Banking app is the smart assistant for financial services professionals. It provides them with actionable insights and recommendations, to enhance their customers' experience and identify deals ahead of the competitors. WIth Squirro's cutting-edge technology With Squirro’s cutting-edge technology and Synechron’s ability to scale and scope out engagements of all sizes, our clients can implement the Augmented Intelligence App within their businesses with confidence.

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Our Innovative Results

We have already worked with Squirro to help financial institutions like Standard Chartered generate the insights they needed to uncover new opportunities, improve productivity and enhance the client experience. This project has since been recognized by the Triple A Asset Asian Awards and Business Intelligence AI Excellence Awards for the exceptional and transformative work delivered.

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Insights and Media

Dive deeper into the Synechron and Squirro partnership and get in on what all the buzz is about.

/ / Meet the experts

Meet some of the Synechron and Squirro experts working together to unlock your data and develop data-driven solutions, at scale.

Meet team member Marc Westgate

Marc Westgate

Managing Consultant, APAC

Meet team member Phil Sturmer

Andrew King

Head of Hong Kong and Partner Manager

Meet team member Eklov Mohan

Haonan Wu

Head of UK Data Science Practice

Meet team member Ben Musgrave

Ben Musgrave

Principal Consultant, UK

Meet team member Rajarshi

Rajarshi Banerjee

Technical Lead

Meet team member Tim C

Moritz Müller

General Manager Asia & Head of Product at Squirro

Meet team member Tim C

Vanessa Li

Key Account Executive at Squirro

Meet team member Tim C

Ralph Straeuli

Director Partner Management at Squirro

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