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Synechron’s smartshore model combines its onshore and mixshore expertise with a service delivery model that promises efficiency and scalability.

Our Smartshore model follows stringent security policies and quality processes to ensure a cost-efficient network outsourcing model. Our European delivery center based in Serbia, is fully focused on network management and Knowledge Process Outsourcing, thereby devoting itself to this critical task. Know more about our Smartshore services by emailing us at

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Thanks to the flexible and quick response of our development teams located on your premises and in Serbia, your projects move forward rapidly to achieve ROI faster

Time Gains

Lower Costs

Rapid Deployment

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Why you should outsource your
projects to Synechron?

The long-term consequences of the increasing scarcity in IT development resources in Europe for the last several years are:

Price inflation of local resources and an increase in staff turnover

Slow-down in new projects and loss of agility

We are experts in service center management and can offer two service delivery models:

ONSHORE: 100% at the client site

SMARTSHORE: teams are split between the client site and our European Delivery center in Serbia


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