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Delivering "What's Next"

Synechron's Global Digital Innovation Centers are located in







Ideation, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit are the keys to success for your business in the digital era. Our global network of digital innovation centers enable you to understand the latest technological trends and learn from industry experts about what’s here already and what’s coming up!


With mobile-first approach, our specialist UI/UX teams have extensive experience in developing world-class, responsive websites and mobile apps for financial organizations. We can envision new operating models and digital strategy roadmaps to better your engagement with consumers and strengthen your brand with cutting-edge design and omni-channel experiences.

Digital Branch

We help banks build and transform their branch network from a traditional transaction-based service to an advisory model using digital experiences for better customer engagement and experience. From branch concept, interior design and fit out, to developing digital touchpoints and Café Banking, we utilize the latest in AI, beacon, touch and gesture technologies to reinvent your physical distribution network.


Whether you are launching a new product, driving customer adoption or educating your customers and staff, the use of engaging games is a proven technique to achieve impressive results. Synechron has extensive experience in building games for branches, smartphones, iPads, Android devices, Windows 10 and Microsoft Kinect.

Internet of things

Whether it’s IoT or connected devices, the fast-evolving technology comes with challenges and new opportunities. Synechron’s R&D team continually works with emerging technologies, sensors, IoT devices and natural language solutions to reimagine financial services, and help our clients envision, build and deliver 'What's Next'.


Billions of consumer wearables are expected to be operational in the next few years. From the Apple Watch to Fitbit or even NYMI bands, the consumers today are using technology beyond the smartphone to enrich their daily lives. We develop several solutions from watch banking and contextual geolocation alerts to biometric authentication solutions.


BLE Beacons are an effective way to help financial institutions engage with every customer in a personalized manner. Our experienced teams can work to integrate beacons in your branches for your customers to receive relevant contextual information or to integrate your mobile apps with your merchants through a loyalty rewards program.

Analytics & Al

Synechron’s digital experts can help you with analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. From advising your data scientists and creating your big data architecture to implementing your business intelligence platform, we excel in developing data visualizations and real-time dashboards that can provide insights on consumer behavioral patterns, or provide advice to wealth management customers on investment solutions using a custom-built robo-advisor.

Virtual Agents

We work with and develop a number of video chat solutions to set up custom expert kiosks that enable your customers to engage directly with the right person in your organization, at the right time. Whether you are looking to extend branch services 24/7 by making a video chat kiosk available, or trying to offer advisory services like investment advice through your internet banking portal, we have the expertise needed to deliver.


Our multi-faceted development teams have been working on Blockchain protocols like Ripple and Ethereum to develop best-in-class solutions for their clients. From FX cross border currency transfers to smart contract solutions for the import/export market, and even bitcoin enabled eWallets, we can help our clients experiment and develop new prototype apps that leverage the trusted networks and distributed ledger. We can collaborate, design and build your business on the value web.

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Register for one of the below sessions and get your digital transformation kick-started

Innovation & Omni-Channel SessionFull Day

In a structured workshop, our innovation team will provide a full day of product and technology demos, present business use cases and provide thought leadership on trends and prototyping. Define your priorities for the roadmap ahead and learn how to align your teams to a common goal.

4 Hour Innovation SessionHalf Day

A vertical workshop where your business leads can spend 4 hours inside the SDIC, experiencing digital solutions that pertain directly to their business areas. Our Innovation team will present product and technology demos, while offering advice and thought leadership on tech trends around the world.

Focused Technology DiscussionOne Hour

Talk to our experts about a singular technology that fits the needs of your business. Our Innovation team will provide their expert opinion and helpful feedback that will be focused on adding value to your business.

Prototype Testing SessionShare Our Space

Visit our Innovation Center to install and quality test your own work, while getting an independent, unbiased opinion from our experts.