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Records Management


The identification, capture and management of business records is complicated by regional and jurisdictional record-keeping regulations. The explosion in content and proliferation of unstructured documents across departments, business units and organizations makes it harder to ensure critical records are retained. Increasingly, firms are taking an over-cautious approach and retaining everything; records aren’t being defensibly deleted and too much time is spent on analyzing documents manually to determine whether they should be retained or on responding to requests for information from legal, compliance, HR and regulators.

Accelerating the processing, review and analysis of content across unstructured formats to identify relevant information quicker and more accurately is essential. Assigning the supporting metadata and validating against record-keeping regulations to automatically allocate the appropriate records retention policy while connecting to existing records repositories to ensure documents are then managed centrally is crucial. The Operation needs to be done in real-time or in batch to allow business units to analyze and categorize multiple documents automatically. Furthermore, configurable controls and a full audit trail provide a defensible records management solution.


  • Improved management of records
  • Auditable compliance with record keeping regulations
  • Reduced time and cost to analyze unstructured records
  • Consolidation of records from many different sources into a single, recognized records repository

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