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Tim Coates

Head of US Blockchain and Ecosystems, New York, USA
/ / What I do at Synechron

Part of Business Consulting team dedicated to the Blockchain Centre of Excellence

I work in the Business Consulting team in NY, mostly dedicated to the Blockchain Centre of Excellence as the product lead for our client solutions. I started researching blockchain back in mid-2015 as a hobby to keep me occupied whilst on an overseas engagement, and I’m still researching today. In 2017, we grew our team and technical capability depth across 3 key DLT platforms – Quorum, Corda and Fabric. In 2018, we will expand our COE to reach more global locations, and hopefully support our clients move towards the first production systems.



Tim researches on Blockchain while ensuring clients benefit out of Synechron’s next-generation blockchain offerings.

/ / Why I joined Synechron

High growth culture and endless opportunities for career development

I joined Synechron London in 2015. Synechron’s high growth culture enables driven individuals to reach their potential by offering endless opportunities for career development. This is what excites me to work with Synechron for many years to come.

/ / MY SKILLs, qualifications and experience

Bachelor of Commerce and Masters in International Law

I graduated from University of Sydney, Australia with a Bachelor of Commerce and a Master in International Law. I’ve since worked for 7yrs in financial services consulting. I quickly grew impatient with a linear career progression at larger consultancies and moved to London with Crossbridge as their first full-time employee. Crossbridge was acquired by Synechron in 2015, and I moved to NY. I plan to continue to develop my technical knowledge.

/ / My personal interests

Sports, travel and seeing new cultures

I am most passionate about sport, travel and seeing new cultures. I have lived in 3 cities for work – Sydney, London and NY – and conducted short stints in many others. I would hope to continue to see new places going forward. If I’m not working on blockchain, I am watching any sport I can find.

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