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Stephanie Raaphorst

Stephanie Raaphorst

Associate Consultant, Synechron Digital, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
/ / What I do at Synechron

I spearhead the design efforts for our operations in The Netherlands.

I joined Synechron roughly a year ago, in 2020, a mere month before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Luckily for me I was able to meet my new colleagues and experience the Synechron family culture before everyone started working from home.

As a part of the Synechron Amsterdam family I have found my place in the Digital Practice, a group of consultants who bring cutting edge technology and methodologies to our clients. Within this group I am the one and only resident strategic designer. As a strategic designer, I take the lead in the research and discovery phases of client projects. This can be anything from conducting user interviews and facilitating workshops to co-creating and prototyping a concept. This means that I help the client pinpoint strengths and weaknesses and then aid them in the design of a solution.

Being that I am the only designer in the Amsterdam office, I make sure to coordinate our design efforts with our other global locations where the design team is more extensive: New York, London and Dubai.


Managing multiple projects and client needs every day.

/ / Why I joined Synechron

I chose Synechron because I believe in its vision to revolutionize the financial sector

Whereas my background would all but suggest I work in the financial sector, my interest in Synechron goes beyond what meets the eye. I didn’t choose to join Synechron because they operate in the financial sector, I chose Synechron because they are striving to improve the financial sector. In my line of work as a designer it is inherent to always be looking to improve things, whether it be products, services or experiences. Synechron does just that. Their unwavering drive to improve our clients’ products, processes and services inspired me to join the Synechron family.

/ / My Skills, Qualifications And Experience

I have a Master’s degree in Strategic Product Design from the TU Delft. I strive to deliver resilient, impactful strategies that connect people, business and technology.

When I joined Synechron I was fresh from the press at University. Having just finished my Master’s Degree in Strategic Product Design at the TU Delft, I was well equipped with enthusiasm and optimism. Other than that, I have work experience in user research, workshop facilitation, concept development, human-centered design and service design. My particular strengths lie in simplifying complexity, balancing creativity & strategy and leveraging analytics while always maintaining a human-centered approach. I strive to deliver resilient, impactful strategies that connect people, business and technology.


I love hosting people for parties at my place and I love to cook.

Before we all started working from home and self-isolating, I loved hosting dinner parties with my friends and going to the cinema. My new-found “indoor/self-isolated” hobbies (besides Netflix) include baking extravagant cakes and desserts, sewing and hand-lettering. Thankfully I have also started going for long walks in the dunes, to compensate for all the good wine, Italian food and desserts I have been making and consequently eating.

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