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Sandeep Mahendru

Senior Director - Technology, New York, USA
/ / What I do at Synechron

Managing client relationships and delivering projects

At Synechron, my core job function is to deliver software projects in the financial services domain. I work with an extremely talented team of delivery managers and engineers. Over the years, my role has evolved into a senior executive with focus on technology. Depending on business needs, I also act as an architect on a strategic project or a technical manager managing a few key projects. As a Director, my responsibilities also include managing client relationships and working with them to address their needs on several projects, thereby adding value to the company’s business growth.


Sandeep acts as an architect and technical manager for strategic projects

/ / Why I joined Synechron

To join a fast-growing, young organization

In 2001, I was working on a project which involved building a Java based foreign exchange platform at an IT firm in Pune. Java was in infancy and the concept of app server was yet to be born. After a year, I started looking for new opportunities which could diversify my learning. With my recent experience at that time, I had offers from some other IT firms. One of my mentors advised me to join a start-up for getting more opportunities to learn and grow. However, he added that there is a risk element as well. The start-up which I joined then is now a 5,000+ people global firm and still growing steadily.

/ / MY SKILLs, qualifications and experience

Bachelor’s degree in computer technology

I earned my bachelor’s degree in computer technology. In those days, I was very passionate about systems programming, language design and internet programming. During my degree course, I undertook training on DOS, Assembly and Windows MFC. After completing the degree, I started my career as a faculty in an institute where I taught C++ and Java. In the next year, I got an opportunity to work on a Java based internet project and got hooked on to building Java based systems. Eventually, I completed a few Java certifications and then moved to Pune. Two years later, I joined Synechron.

/ / My personal interests

Movies, reading, lawn tennis, family time and outing

I am a big movie buff with an inclinations towards comedy Bollywood movies of seventies. During weekends, I watch one of those. My other interests include reading and learning stuff that intrigues the grey matter, playing lawn tennis, spending quality time with my twins and planning out vacation trips/long drives with them.

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