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Samantha Screene

Associate Director - HR, London, UK
/ / What I do at Synechron

Foster growth, innovation and promote an inclusive culture

I am responsible for the people strategy for the UK. I am lucky enough to be empowered to create and implement HR strategies that foster growth, innovation and organisational effectiveness. Creating an inclusive, engaging culture is also a key part of my role and is something very close to my heart.


Creating an inclusive, engaging culture and implementing HR strategies

/ / Why I joined Synechron

A supportive and progressive environment

I joined Synechron because I believe the company has a lot of potential. Synechron is a very progressive and innovative company. Although the company has 8,000 employees, I have never felt like a number. Synechron is a great place to make an impact and create immense value through what you achieve. The people in our company are great, supportive and incredibly intelligent, all of which contributes to a great environment to learn and grow.

/ / MY SKILLs, qualifications and experience

Human Resources professional, with over 20 years’ experience

I am a human resources professional, with over 20 years’ experience across multiple industries. My experience has given me a broad view of how businesses work, best practice solutions and how to create the balance between supporting employees and creating value for the business.

/ / My personal interests

Traveling and dancing around the world

I love travelling and I have an ambition to travel to every country in the world. I also love dancing, particularly Irish set dancing, whereby I travel mostly around Europe on a regular basis to dance weekends (socially) where I can dance for many hours at a time.

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