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Param Hazooria

Param Hazooria

Senior Business Analyst, Technology, London, UK
/ / What I do at Synechron

Integrating business and technology into powerful results.

With business models, regulations and risk management becoming more complex by the day, financial institutions are turning to new technologies to find a solution to these new challenges. As a Business Analyst in Capital Markets, my role is to help financial institutions find and implement the best technologies that help them not only solve these problems but also to help implement digital transformation to achieve future growth. As part of the capability building initiatives, I nurture the API and Automation practice in the UK region along with experimenting and building accelerators in our FinLabs to showcase our take on solving interesting problems using these technologies. I also look after the learning and mentoring programs for business analysts and engineers in the UK.


Param supports financial organisations implement the best technologies that would help them solve their problems and be prepared for the future.

/ / Why I joined Synechron

The Synechron ‘DNA’

Having spent 12 years in an IT services behemoth and an Investment Bank, with projects spread across four continents and 15 clients, I wanted to join a company that would let me use my experience to innovate and solve challenging business problems using the latest cutting-edge technology. I love a challenge, but I always wanted to be a part of something bigger. Two interviews (one with the Co-founder of Synechron and the second with the U.K. Head of Capital Markets) and three years later, I proudly can say that Synechron has become that platform. With opportunities to work with Tier-1 financial institutions, experiment with the latest technologies in the FinLabs and freedom to share, build, and implement ideas, Synechron has helped me to grow and also define new avenues in my career.

/ / my skills, qualifications and experience

Banking, Technology and Engineering.

I have over 14 years of experience working for financial institutions with business units in Asset Management, Brokerage, Investment Banking and Global Custody. I started as a C++ developer, building derivatives settlement engines and moved across multiple roles including solutions architect, sales, business development and business analysis. I am qualified with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Engineering.


String Theory & Psychedelic Rock – Balance, right?

In my free time, I like to read various publications on Particle Physics and hope to see the String Theory be proven as the chosen one. I also love to play acoustic guitar and experiment by playing a fusion of Classical Indian and Psychedelic Rock music!


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