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Maanas Varun

Maanas Varun

Management Consultant, Singapore
/ / What I do at Synechron

Lead client engagements and delivery of accelerators

I’m a Managing Consultant at Synechron and lead the Data Engineering and Management practice in Singapore. I have had the opportunity to lead several key client engagements, including remediating the global core payment flows, defining the target roadmap for client lifecycle management and building a new data lake. I also support our internal Synechron innovation initiatives and lead the delivery of various use cases across our WealthTech accelerator suites.


Helping our clients with innovative solutions

/ / Why I joined Synechron

To work with a truly innovative and people focused organisation

What attracted me to Synechron when I joined in 2018 was the focus on being an innovation driven organisation. The hands-on approach of leveraging the emerging technologies to tackle real world problems showed the commitment towards innovation. It is a very people driven organization where you define your own career path & trajectory.

/ / My Skills, Qualifications And Experience

Experienced developer and management consultant

I have a degree in engineering and hold an MBA. I. started my career as a developer before transitioning into the world of management consulting. I have been working in the financial technology space for over a decade, having lived and worked in the three major financial hubs; New York, London and Singapore. My interests are in the Digital & Data space and I tinker around with Python in my spare time.


Running and photography

I have always found running to be the best way to relax after a busy week. I have ran in three of the six Marathon Majors, (New York, Berlin & Tokyo) and the rest are on my bucket list. I also enjoy photography and have picked up an interest in the fascinating world of macro photography recently.


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