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Jovana Jerkov

Jovana Jerkov

Manager - Quality Control, Novi Sad, Serbia
/ / Why I joined Synechron

New opportunities for growth

Working in Synechron was an opportunity for me to learn something by getting into Quality Assurance. Working alongside an energizing, young and motivated team was a huge inspiration for me to continue learning and keep progressing and developing my role.

/ / What I do at Synechron

Quality Assurance manager

My job at Synechron is to ensure that our QA methodology is well implemented throughout our projects. This means training and mentoring our QA team, educating the client about our QA best practices and making sure that these practices are respected.


I oversee one of the biggest QA teams of Serbia and make sure that we are delivering the best, everyday!

/ / My Skills, Qualifications And Experience

Assurance and Insurance

Having a Masters Degree in French language and literature made my communication with our France based clients much more easy and enjoyable. I got the chance to improve my language skills as well as develop my Quality Assurance skills and learn more about the Insurance domain. I have since continued to develop my skill set and acquire some new important organizational and managerial skills that have allowed me to progress in my role, first as a QA lead and now as a QA manager.


Yoga, Books and Travel

Yoga is one of my favorite past times and a great way to unwind after a long day at work (second only to meditation). I find that reading books is also a great way to relax and relieve stress. The thing that inspires me the most is definitely traveling, changing my surroundings for a little while and learning about new cultures along the way.

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