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Jelena Popovic

Jelena Popovic

Associate Quality Assurance, Novi Sad, Serbia
/ / What I do at Synechron

I have a Dual role, both as QA and BA

I started my career with Synechron as a part of the Support team, for a leading French insurance client where my primary role was in the field of manual testing. However, due to the constant growth of our Support team (we currently work on 10 different projects in production!) I got the opportunity to be in a dual role and work not only as a Quality Assurance, but also take on some Business Analyst responsibilities . I greatly appreciate that the enthusiasm I’ve shown and the aspirations I’ve demonstrated are being recognized and are valued.


I spend most of my day at work, executing daily tasks with my team and drinking lot of coffee. After work hours I enjoy in my Ministry of Hobbies.

/ / Why I joined Synechron

Insurance business and Linguistic Sphere

After finishing my studies, I was offered a two-months internship with Synechron. Since I’ve studied the French language and literature, I had never thought of a career in the IT world. But Synechron opened its doors for me and revealed how amazing it was during my internship days. I realized that I was blessed with a chance to take advantage of the synergies of the insurance business (along with improving my analytical skills) and the linguistics sphere by collaborating with French clients.

/ / My Skills, Qualifications And Experience

Independence, responsibility and teamwork!

While studying French, I spent some semesters in Slovenia and in France. During my degree I was working with our national volleyball team where I’ve guided and translated for them. By being a part of different teams, I’ve seen how the professionals work and collaborate under stress. All these experiences had an impact on the levels of my independence, responsibility and my feeling for teamwork.


Reading and watching Hispanic movies

If you need any book advice, I’m a walking library. I love reading! Hence, spending a lot of reading, through the lockdown. I’m also passionate about films, especially Hispanic cinema. Besides that, I take some time to practice sports, meet my friends and travel whenever I can.


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