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Hoàn Nguyen-Xuan

Hoàn Nguyen-Xuan

Lead Technology, Switzerland
/ / What I do at Synechron

I am a Digital Business Analyst for the private banking sector.

What I do is to link the business’ needs on one hand and the execution on the other hand. I translate stakeholders’ needs into a functional roadmap that the development team can then use to develop digital products.



My day usually revolves around making sure everyone is moving toward the same goal: the stakeholders’ satisfaction.

/ / Why I joined Synechron

Synechron is taking a different stance and genuinely puts its employees first.

Synechron is both one of the major players in the financial services and IT consulting world, and is a young company that has kept its startup spirit. In a world where financial performance is the main goal for most of the companies out there, this is truly refreshing.

/ / My Skills, Qualifications And Experience

I am an IT engineer.

I graduated as an IT engineer from a French engineering school called EFREI and followed up with earning an MBA from the Paris-Panthéon Sorbonne. I am also a proven Agile methodologist.

My main areas of expertise are: Project Management, Business Analysis, Product development and deployment, Design and UI, and I am a proven agile practitioner.

Previously, I was a Digital Project Manager for a private bank. I was responsible for the evolution of their eBanking and Mobile Banking.


I enjoy swimming and diving.

My personal interests are swimming and diving. They represent some important symbols to me. Swimming, because we have to keep moving forward always or we might sink. Diving, because it is an activity where being calm and composed is greatly rewarded. Both allow us to recalibrate ourselves and be more at peace. They have a similar effect as meditation, I would say.


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