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Bermet Dordoeva

Bermet Dordoeva

Senior Consultant, Amsterdam, NL
/ / What I do at Synechron

Helping clients to improve their processes and achieve better results

I often combine the role of business/regulatory analyst with project management activities. It makes my assignments very interesting; I like to interact with people and that helps to bring the results of my analysis to work right away. When I joined Synechron I was only involved in regulatory change assignments. After a few of them I started a data management assignment and learned that my legal background can make a difference in various parts of a bank.


Multitasking every day to achieve best results for my clients and Synechron

/ / Why I joined Synechron

To broaden my professional horizon and see as many clients as possible

Before coming to Synechron I worked in a law firm as an M&A legal consultant. When I learned about Synechron, I was fascinated by the opportunities it provides. Diverse assignments and working in a fast-paced environment fits my personality well. After four years being a consultant for financial services, I can hardly imagine myself working for just one company.

/ / My Skills, Qualifications And Experience

LLM International and European Trade and Investment Law

I obtained my first Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Law in Moscow, Russia. After working there in the field of law I moved to Amsterdam to pursue my Master’s in Trade and Investment Law at University of Amsterdam.


Vary a lot: important is to have fun and stay true to yourself

Personal interests are things one can do outside work. I do many different things and only wish to have more than 24 hours in one day. I like to stay active and run or do yoga, I love travelling and learning photography, I enjoy writing and I also enjoy doing absolutely nothing from time to time, as Dutch people would say – ‘niksen’.


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