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Adam Lee

Adam Lee

Director – Experience Design, Toronto & New York
/ / What I do at Synechron

Leading the digital practice across Toronto & New York.

A crucial part of my role at Synechron is building and nurturing effective design teams this requires the combination of three key factors - Culture, Process & Structure. I work closely with portfolio holders and technology leaders to ensure feasibility and viability of conceptual projects.

In this capacity, I work with Synechron’s design & technology teams to understand the business context, collect and interpret relevant data, develop insights, explore and define growth opportunities, define experience strategies, create tangible design expressions and communicate vision to our financial service clients. Globally I work with the design leaders across our 18 offices to continuously refine our approach to design and the understanding of our clients, end-users and ultimately the cultural shifts that impact humanity and technology.


Strategizing and implementing effective designs and user experience for various business lines within financial services

/ / Why I joined Synechron

Enabling me to focus on financial services.

I previously worked for strategic creative & experience design agency’s, Being part of Synechron’s global fintech platform enables me to apply strategic design & user experience at scale across many lines of business within financial services.

/ / my skills, qualifications and experience

Design leadership, Experience design, Brand experience, Motion Design, Design research.

I'm a global design director, with 15+ years of experience. I hold a degree in Bachelor of Arts, Communication Design BA. Over the years I’ve been refining my approach to understanding the balance between design, technology and business value. I’ve spent the last 10 years exploring methodologies, activities and strategies that emphasis a collaborative design-led approach towards innovation and Experience Design.


Designer, Coffee lover, Guitarist.

Design is as personal to me as it is a vocation, I recently joined a maker-space and designed and built my first piece of furniture, blending walnut and copper. I’m not me without coffee!! I have a keen interest in cafe fashion and everything that’s related to what goes into a great cup of joe! I’ve played guitar since I was 15, I still write and play pretty much every day! Luckily for me with have an acoustic guitar in the office!

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