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Design Led. Data Driven. Technology Enabled.

Banks have long been at the forefront of the financial services industry. These stalwart financial institutions exist at the very epicenter of the financial universe. Yet their existence has been on a very necessary evolutionary journey. Once accepted and relied upon heritage systems, applications, financial transactions and ways of handling/transferring capital and data have changed. This includes the processing of transactions, securities, engaging with customers and other banks, as well as many other traditional banking services. Not only have most changed, but a variety of new financial services have been snugly wrapped into the banking blanket. Modern, digital-first ways of carrying out every day financial transactions have become the norm.

Our PayTech Accelerators are designed to add critical functionality, expand revenue opportunities, and increase the efficiencies of banks as they better navigate the new and future, emerging landscape. Disruptive, challenger FinTechs will continue to seek ways to syphon off market share and lure away bank customers. With a better, stronger, more efficient foundational architecture, banks will readily meet the needs of the new normal and enhance their servicing to clients of all types, while also meeting regulatory changes, and preparing for new realities such as data management.

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About Our PayTech Accelerators

Introducing Synechron’s PayTech Accelerator program, featuring five innovative solutions that banks and other financial services organizations can use across their enterprises and business units. This suite of tools will enable companies across the globe to adapt to the new consumer lending landscape, drive data insights for customers, adapt to new global payment standards that heighten interoperability, and further diffuse payment fraud.

Our PayTech Accelerator Program addresses key imperatives within retail and wholesale payment ecosystems. Synechron’s PayTech Accelerator program combines our deep payments industry domain expertise with financial innovation that is design led, data driven and technology enabled.

Let’s take a look at our PayTech Accelerator solutions: